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#weekendwords | #MSPSX | @michaelmosiman64 •••
“My day started off well. I’ve been learning a lot this week. The practices went well and I felt good on the bike. I got off to a good start in the first main event and made it up to seventh. I got an even better start in the second main event and was running fifth. I had a big crash, ended up spraining my foot, and wasn't sure if I could race the final. I ended up trying in the third main event and rode a little tentative but finished tenth. It’s a lot better to leave here racing all three motos. Overall I built some confidence and I’m looking forward to the next round.”
PC | Shepherd Photos
#dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

#weekendwords | Jason Anderson | #MSPSX “This was kind of a crazy day. I was able to come away with a second today, despite a small mistake in the second main event. I still extended my points lead so I can’t complain. On to the next round." PC | @shepherdphotos
#dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

Another podium and more points ✊🏼 | #MSPSX | # dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

First race back from serious injury and @mattbaisley collects 2 1st’s and a 2nd! 👊🏼 | PC: @j_mcguire | #dragonBMX #dragon_motorsports

#weekendwords | @mitchellh30 | #SEASX “It was a solid race, I got a good start and rode really well. I just messed up a little at the end of the race and fell from 4th to 7th with 2 corners to go. Overall I feel more confident. I know it’s a mud race, and anything can happen, but I feel like I'm mentally stronger. I had two good starts, and I’m looking forward to Salt Lake."
PC | @shepherdphotos
#dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

#weekendwords | @elhombre21 | #SEASX “The whole day was a little weird due to the delayed program, but practice went as well as it could have in the mud--I qualified first. I was up front in the heat race, but was pushing too hard and fell a couple times so I pulled back and ended up coming back to second. I was out front and felt like I was riding really good in the Main but had a bit of a hiccup and lost the lead. All-in-all I did what I needed to do tonight so it was good." PC | @shepherdphotos
#dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

Back on the box in the quagmire! | #SEASX | #dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports

@elhombre21 fastest time in the lone practice of the day | #seasx | #dragonSX | #dragonMXV | #dragon_motorsports | PC @shepherdphotos

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