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G. R. Raissi MD  دکتر غلامرضا رئیسی. دانشیار طب فیزیکی و توانبخشی. Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation @ShariatiClinic


A 45 year old man with weakness in quadriceps and chronic denervation in EMG of tibialis anterior and quadriceps as well as L4 paraspinals. Facet cyst in right side is evident in MRI. #weakness #facet #lowbackpain #radiculopathy

Question: EMG trace from tibialus anterior. Sensitivety 100. What is this small wave after fixed motor unit? What is the importance?

#Gower's sign in #Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Sonography guided abdominal wall trigger point injection.
More than 30% of chronic abdominal pains are myofacial in origin. For example in a study, 38% of patients referred for abdominal pain to a university gastroenterology clinic were identied as having a ‘‘myofascial’’ origin of the complaint.
74% of patients referred to a pain clinic by gastroenterologists for persistent #abdominal_pain of obscure origin were diagnosed with abdominal wall pain .
In a gynecological clinic specializing in abdominal-pelvic pain, 74% of women had localized supercial tender areas, mainly abdominal.
The abdominal wall was the source of pain in 28% patients admitted to a surgical service over a six-month period with ‘‘nonspecic’’ #abdominal #pain.

جانی و جهانی و جهان با تو خوش است
#Birthday of my love, suprise of our kind residents.
تولد همسر عزیزم. سورپرایز دستیاران عزیز.

آقای دکتر مجیبیان از پزشکان نیکنام #یزد به رحمت ایزدی پیوست. از ایشان یک خاطره شخصی دارم که بسیار آنرا یاد می کنم. وقتی دانشجوی پزشکی بودم بخاطر علاقه به کاردیولوژی تقریبا هر روز بعد از ظهر اضافه بر برنامه معمول در اتاق اکوکاردیوگرافی با استاد صدر می ماندم. آقای دکتر مجیبیان نیز اکثر روزها تشریف می آوردند برای یادگیری اکو برای یادگیری و راه اندازی اکو قلب جنین که بنظر تازه مطرح شده بود. ایشان در ان زمان بیش از 70 سال داشتند. و این درس بزرگی بود برای من. روحش قرین رحمت الهی باد.

A young man with weakness in left shoulder abduction and elbow flexion witout ANY PAIN for 2 months.EMG reveald severe denervation in left C5 territory. #radiculopathy #disc #weakness #casestudy #case

A patient with head drop after laryngeal cancer, surgery and radiotherapy favorably responded to four poster orthosis
#Cancer #rehabilitation #headdrop #casestudy #internship

Iranian medical council welcomes Dr. Hafezi formerly knwon as anti corruption member of the City Council of Tehran. He i a PM&R specialist.
تبریک برای انتخاب آقای دکتر حافظی در نظام پزشکی. امیدواریم حضور ایشان باعث ایجاد اثرات مثبتی در نظام پزشکی گردد.
#حافظی #نظام_پزشکی

Question: One month After Corrective knee surgery of a young woman she came with severe pain in thigh and leg of the lower extremity. In EMG, she had denervation in hamstrings, all leg muscles and quadriceps. Glutei, adductors and illiopsoas were normal. what are differential diagnoses and what is the diagnosis?

A 47 year old woman with paresthesia in lateral leg caused by cystic lesion in lateral knee causin pressure on #peroneal nerve
Courtesy of @dr_ahadi

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