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Warren King 

In the studio with @jnp_84 working on some new music. This is a super talented young man who is about to blow the nation's mind. #watchthisspace #godisgettingreadytomove #empoweredby. @iamrachelfrancis you missed it. #seeyounexttime

Some people create songs that last a few weeks. With this project we have created moments that will last for generations. #empoweredbychristmas #gotellitonthemountain @empoweredby01 @iamrachelfrancis #jesuschristisborn

It's so nice to hear something you worked hard on trying to get right, sound so beautiful. This arrangement nearly had us in tears trying to perfect it, we were nearly in tears hearing it sound so awesome yesterday. #empoweredbychristmas #workhardplayharder @iamrachelfrancis you are a bit fantastic.

Fully protecting you from me and me from you. Always alert, forever visual, ever ready. It's surgery time. #ivegotyou

Sleep is merely a temporary state of death. Anaesthetics is simply controlling the temporary state. #trustmeimadoctor

I have been so privileged to be working on a project with such a magnificent artist @iamrachelfrancis. I have been challenged as a songwriter and a producer to achieve new highs and come up to her levels. #gratefulfortheopportunity

We had such a great day with @empoweredby01. This is a powerful bit of art we are creating. @iamrachelfrancis had an awesome session today. Watch this space for some clips from the session.

After 4 years I am finally at the very genesis of a long journey of forming words to explain how I feel about going through the hardest challenge of my life so far. I am carefully taking one letter at a time, to form one word at a time, with the hope that a sentence will be made that might make sense to someone other than me. I thought I learnt how to speak as a young boy, but as a man I am realising that I don't know how to speak about the things that really matter and needs to be said. Instead I say "I'm fine" or "everything is great", when the truth is I don't know how to tell you what I really feel......

There is still time to make the changes you've always wanted to in life. Time to say "I love you". Time to study something you've always wanted to. Time to keep a promise. Time to be an example. Time is our most precious commodity and something we cannot get back. Be on the side of time and time will be on your side.

Sometimes the atmosphere is right for a party and it takes one spark to ignite a two step.

Chilling with the Mini, wondering how to protect him from the evils awaiting to make him into a stereotype, a statistic, and a somebody that matters to nobody. When the truth is, he is somebody's world, a future doctor, judge, or CEO. His inventions will change the world almost as much as his words do. He will continue to bring joy to all those that have the pleasure of coming into contact with him and his innocence will remain a part of his unquestionable character. May God keep a host of his toughest and roughest bad boy worrier angles in front, beside and behind you always.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a different world to others. Welcome into my world where it's warm and the sky is blue. Freedom is reality and rules are made to be broken.

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