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Dr. Saif Hasan Naqvi(PT,PhD)  Sports physiotherapist⛑ Martial Artist🥋 New Delhi India🇮🇳

When you make your Home Minister happy by arranging the 📖 in order @shahwaar_fatemah 💁🏻‍♀️

Cervical dysfunction
#when a patient comes to you for his upper cervical dysfunction it is more likely to be an effect than a cause. Here at Touch Therapy Clinic we try and find a cause for this effect. It is important to know from where it evolved, what all it took to correct it and how much time will it take to permanently cure the dysfunction. Sometimes it IMP to de-learn what you have learned in order to accept the change and move on. #braintherapy #manualtherapy #sportsphysio #sportsinjuries #physiotherapy #musculoskeletalinjuries #treatmentroom

All it takes to read the mind 🧠

Wonder women with her charming stallion @meherbanjaran 💃🏼 #very few people are gifted with an insight of craftsmanship. I saw an artist with such a strong sense of ease and comfort that its hard to stop praising her vision and creativity. Long way to go Meher💁🏻‍♀️

Few Godsmen !!!
#Acharya Subhadra Muni #jain #jaingurus

Neck sliders
#for my Paralympic athletes I use this techniques from wrestlers and grapplers in martial art (muay Thai) to strengthen the muscles to support the sling in action during throws. Our Olympian medalist deepa Malik has been rehabilitated for the best times ahead 🤽🏼‍♀️

Moving the sling..... Abhishek is a case with extension lack due to upper cervical dysfunction and scapular dyskinesia.
Having injected with steroids twice has deteriorated his condition to the limit that bowling is not just painful but the last thing on his mind.
15 sessions it took to cover this much after treating cervical restrictions and gaining the shoulder ranges for internal rotation.
This specific manipulation helped him gain range for restricted ribs along with lumbar spine extension. I stretched him though before the vedio as it meant to be short and crisp to be loaded fr my viewers perspective
He is not just pain free now but also willing to test his mettle at nets.
#sportsinjuries #physiotherapy #bcci#cricketers#cricketinjuries#shoulderinjuries#manualtherapy#sportsphysiotherapy🏏@robjhaddow

At the parliamentarians nest #mulayam singh ji #former defence minister of india🇮🇳

Numero uno @sureshraina3 🏏

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