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Dr. Amsu Anpu  Celebrity Doctor - Endocrinologist, Nutritionist & Dietitian #ReservoirDocs #WeCureShit www.electricHealth.org www.FibroidElimination.com


Don't do it y'all
We have The Breath to knock that sh_t right out!!!
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@dr.amsu - The racial disparity in hypertension and hypertension-related outcomes has been recognized for decades exhibiting African Americans with greater risks than Caucasians. Blood pressure levels have consistently been higher for African Americans with an earlier onset of hypertension. While awareness and treatment levels of high blood pressure have been similar, racial differences in control rates are evident. The higher blood pressure levels for African Americans are associated with higher rates of stroke, end-stage renal disease and congestive heart failure. The implications of the disparities of hypertension for prevention and clinical management are substantial, identifying African American men and women with a disproportionately high hypertension risk, warranting interventions focused on these differences. Despite this blatancy, the actual reasons for the racial disparities in elevated blood pressure and hypertension-related outcomes risk remain hidden and denied throughout the medical institutions. 
The good news is Electric pHood has "the protocol" to reverse hypertension/high blood pressure and so too its many related outcomes risk. 
If you suffer from Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Blood Clots and any of their related risk-factors send an email NOW to helpme@electrichealth.org with subject Hypertension, and we'll provide the protocol for you to take charge of your life.
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Educating the Grandsprogs on the significance of staying fly in my adidas throughout the festive season. They gone learn... Likkle Noelle and likkle Kamari aka Young 21
Happy Holidays!

Teflon® is a brand name for a man-made chemical known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8, is another man-made chemical. It is used in the process of making Teflon and similar chemicals (known as fluorotelomers). PFOA has a high potential to be a health hazard because it stays in the environment, and in the human body for extensive periods of time. Studies have found that it is present worldwide at very low levels in just about everyone’s blood. 
These chemicals are released if you heat your Teflon cookware over too high of a flame or heat the pan with no food in it. AT just 600 degrees, Teflon pans release multiple chemicals, carcinogens, and pollutants. At 1,000 degrees, Teflon releases PFIB (Perfluoroisobutylene), which is also used as a chemical nerve agent. 
Studies in lab animals have found exposure to PFOA increases the risk of certain tumors of the liver, testicles, mammary glands (breasts), and pancreas in these animals.
The good news is Electric Health has a DeTox protocol to purge Teflon completely out of your system. It is our DeTox 30 Master Cleanse. 
Go to TheDeToxNow.com for more information on this Master Cleanse and make an immediate switch to ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron alternatives
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@blackvegansocial - Special shout out to Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun for doing an EXCLUSIVE FB LIVE INTERVIEW with our founder GiGi @gina_m_sparks! We learned so much amazing information about our health and the foods we eat! Thanks for even taking the time to answer questions! We can’t wait for our next interview! Thank you again! @dr_amun @dr.amsu #blackvegansocial #exclusive #holistichealth #eattolivenotlivetoeat #veganlife #healTHYself

#TBT Fambly!!! NartWess Man Dem. My baby boy @k.b.15 at the front and Lil Man @21savage by my side

According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, erectile dysfunction (ED) is highly prevalent across white, black and Hispanic populations in the United States. For the first time in an adequately-sized, nationally representative probability sample, the effect of health and lifestyle variables on the odds of having ED were determined in order to estimate prevalence by race and ethnicity.
Severe lower urinary tract symptoms were shown to be ED related in black men. Hispanic men over the age of 60, as well as those suffering from moderate lower urinary tract symptoms, hypertension and/or depression were increasingly likely to suffer from ED. Odds decreased in black men who exercised or had good partner relationships, and in Hispanic men with a high school or higher education.
Given the prevalence of physical risk factors (diabetes, hypertension) also in minority men, these results should alert clinicians to the particular relevance of sexual function in minority men to overall health and well-being.
The Great News is, AMA Health have an ALL Natural ED Protocol that absolutely reverses this embarrassing condition
Send an email to dr.amsu@electrichealth.org with subject "ED Help"
The Reservoir Docs @dr.amsu & @dr_amun will be glad to help you.
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Race and ethnicity significantly influence who gets prostate cancer and who dies from it. African American men have, by far, the highest incidence of the disease: they are roughly 1.6 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than whites and 2.6 times more likely than Asian Americans. The gap in mortality rates is even more dramatic — African Americans are more than twice as likely to die of prostate cancer as whites and about five times more likely to die of it than Asian Americans. 
In a population-based, case-control study, researchers found that, in comparison with whites, African American men were more likely to be obese, which is defined as having a BMI of 30 or more. They were also more likely to have higher Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and more advanced cancers — and to have positive surgical margins, meaning that when the surgeon removed the prostate, some cancer cells were left behind. An increased BMI also predicted higher rates of biochemical recurrence, which was defined as one PSA test score greater than 0.2 ng/ml or two test scores of 0.2 ng/ml at least three months apart after surgery. 
Recent studies have shown that local estrogen metabolites produced by the CYP1B1 pathway (e.g., 4-OH-estradiol) play an important role in prostate carcinogenesis. Aromatase (CYP19), the enzyme that catalyzes estradiol production from testosterone, is altered in prostate cancer tissues and CYP19A1 expression is elevated 30-fold in prostate cancer metastatic tissue, as compared with primary tumors.
Aromatase and Estrogen are metabolized from the following common foods:
ALL Meats
Flax Seeds
Caffeine/Alcohol (Beer & Hops)
Fast Food/Processed Food
The Good News is Electric Health has developed a powerful protocol that reverses and eradicates prostate cancer
Send an email to dr.amsu@electrichealth.org with subject Prostate Help and the Reservoir Docs @dr.amsu and dr_amun will be happy to provide you with more information.
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