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Dyl-O ♋️  July 4th

Vertin my guard 🖤☔️

Living lavish 🖤☔️

(Link in bio) As for turning 17 🙏🏽 I decided to drop this song with my blood bro 💯 @bigbodyjc been motivated and inspired to try sum shit 🙏🏽

Exactly ☔️

Mommmmaaaaaa!! I love you more than anything 💙 About 2 months ago I was in the worst place in my life so far, I was lost, and didn’t know what to do but just get through everyday for you and be there at your side to take care of you 💙 going through what I did taught me so much, it made me realize who is really there for me and who really cares about me, I lost certain people I thought I’d never loose, you are absolutely amazing, idk how I can ever repay you 😔 now it’s time to make you proud and I will always try to do so 💙 With what you went through I can only imagine how hard it was, it gave me a pain no one could see. I’m so happy you got through it and beat it. Fuck Cancer, I love you so much 💞 happy mother’s day mom, you are the best mom I could ever ask for and I appreciate you so much, your the strongest woman Ik 💞 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there 🙏🏽

I clean up real nice, I don’t gotta maid 🚿

Ain’t no fuckin second guessin 🚫

Large Amounts 👀🤮

The boys ‼️

What’s the move WESSY 🚶🏽‍♂️

2 heartless 🤘🏼

Let’s build like fort✍🏽

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