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J.K. Diego 🇸🇬  Professional gambler, author, model, and hustler. Based in the Lion City. JKDGO Publishing. Chief Sexy at @lupineaccessories.

TEAM DIEGO = King of Draws.
CAPTAIN DIEGO = most handsome professional gambler in the world.

My hobby is sleeping with Snow Angels on a pile of cash.

Please please please remember to go over to my blog at and sign up with your email address. The more successful we are the more bad dudes will try to take us down. So it is super super important that I can email you updates if any bad things happen, such as Liam Neeson kidnapping me.

SWIPE LEFT to see how Team Diego ascended to heaven and became deities.

BTW - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Antshares are all flying to heaven/moon as well. #BTC #ETH #ANS #NEO

ALSO: A gentle warning from Dictator Diego, anyone who tries to message my members with the intention of getting tips from them that they had paid for will be banned and summarily executed without trial. SAD!

Rule Number 1 of Gambling: Always have a good bookmaker. (Swipe left for all the photos)

As stated above.

1) Don't beg for 'free'.
2) Don't beg for 'testing'.
3) Don't be a pussy.
4) Learn how to spell 'lose', not 'loose'. Or go back to 3rd grade.

If I weren't a male stripper I would probably go into boxing and beat Floyd Mayfucker faster than Conor McGregor can say 'Who da fook is dat guy?!?'

Do you know that you can get lower prices on tons of natural products on Use my discount code: SNJ668, they do super fast shipping. Good stuff!

Team Diego growing faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the border wall between USA & Mexico.

Say Hi to my new Nike Flyknit.

Many of you have been signing up over the past few days. GREAT!

But I know there are 6,000+ of you here and some may have missed my Big Announcement.

Head over to WWW.JKDGO.COM and scroll all the way down, put in your email address to ensure I can send you updates. You never know when Instagram will disappear like MySpace and Friendster. Sad!

Oh Diego why are you so rude!

Unfortunately I am
like Eminem.
I'm also a psychopath
Don't like? Find yourself another path

If you haven't read my previous Announcement post, make sure you do. As we get more and more successful, there are plenty of jealous losers who try to take us down. It is absolutely important, if you don't wanna lose touch with me, that you go to my blog and subscribe with your email address.

No spam, promise.

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