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happy birthday to my baby’s daddy @iamjakegreen
#omgitsjhmg #3months

mama’s boi #omgitsjhmg

to my dad, the OG, who i am forever grateful for.
and to jake on his first of many father’s days - jonas and my best friend and our biggest cheerleader. i could not have asked for a more patient, loving partner in parenting and in life. when jonas was born, the staff at cedars awarded you most attentive new dad, and they would know. 13 years ago, I had a feeling you’d be a good dad but I didn’t know just how good. thanks for doing this with us and making it look so easy. we love you!

current mood #omgitsjhmg #😴

got it from his mama, who got it from her mama
#somuchtosay #conversationswithmimi #4months #omgitsjhmg

find someone who looks at you the way jonas looks when he wants 🍼 #3months #omgitsjhmg


👋🏻 from Jonas Henry Marsh Green #OMGitsJHMG

new bod, who dis

2 years down. think I'll keep him. #marshgreen2015

just a couple of legends hanging out on a thursday #celinedion #shallwegoforit

diving into #2017 like

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