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downeast cider house  the original unfiltered craft cider

looking for the perfect valentines day gift? today? today is valentines day. if you’re still looking for the perfect gift-you’re in trouble. can’t help you there. double blend can is red though. good luck.

there’s a chance boston looks just like this in a few hours. with that in mind, we’re going to open the cider house doors today from 12-2 so you can stock up on growlers and cans for the night.

introducing the first release of our 2019 barrel project series: dark and stormy. unfiltered cider with notes of ginger and lime aged in rum barrels for 6 months. at 6.8 abv, it’s a taste of the caribbean to get you through the new england winter. only available in the cider house. come get it.

tomorrow we’re getting dark. enjoy the sunshine and grapefruits while you can.

winter hats and double blend-two ways to beat the cold. you can get them both on the website. convenient.

if it wasn’t for guys like kraig, no one would ever get any cider. which is not ideal.

we’re posting this picture of the grapefruit can because it’s now in stores-we also thought we would help break up the string of car thermostat pictures on your timeline.

its going to get messy soon. get comfortable. grab that book you’ve been meaning to read. use it as a coaster. we made winter blend for weekends like this.

a grapefruit is like a lemon that saw an opportunity to be something more and took advantage of it. we really respect that.

coming (very) soon...our newest spring seasonal: grapefruit. we won’t name any names, but someone told us an unfiltered grapefruit cider would never work. ha. wrong again, jeff.

new barrel project coming needs another week or so to get ready, and honestly, so do we. 🌨

r & d stands for research and development which is a very fancy way to say we’re drinking at work

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