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downeast cider house  the original unfiltered craft cider

we’re posting this picture of the grapefruit can because it’s now in stores-we also thought we would help break up the string of car thermostat pictures on your timeline.

its going to get messy soon. get comfortable. grab that book you’ve been meaning to read. use it as a coaster. we made winter blend for weekends like this.

a grapefruit is like a lemon that saw an opportunity to be something more and took advantage of it. we really respect that.

coming (very) soon...our newest spring seasonal: grapefruit. we won’t name any names, but someone told us an unfiltered grapefruit cider would never work. ha. wrong again, jeff.

new barrel project coming needs another week or so to get ready, and honestly, so do we. 🌨

r & d stands for research and development which is a very fancy way to say we’re drinking at work

hey everyone, the cider house is closed all day today for our company holiday party. we will be back at it tomorrow, but we’re going to be celebrating until then. (unrelated but related, be nice to everyone working the taproom tomorrow)

new cans. new people. aloha fridays. the back porch. pumpkin season. deep winter. 2018 was really great-but wont be nearly as great as 2019. can’t even imagine 2020. happy new year, everyone

the taproom is open normal hours this weekend...come by and stock up. don’t be the guy showing up to a new years eve party empty handed. hate that guy.

we spenta lot of time in the lab tatse testing and pushinf the enveliope on originl blend and came up with doubleb lend. same unfiltered taste with the same unfiltered taste. whigher aclohohl over 7%.

from: downeast
to: everyone
merry christmas, happy holidays

for those of you who didn’t get your hands on deep winter’ve got another shot today. we sold about half our inventory yesterday so we’ve got to cap people at one case (bring some friends) (game our system)

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