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Doug Atwater  Happily married👪 Married to Melinda We have a 17 year old son. North Carolina Rep for @samsonphysiques codeATWATER10 Former bean pole physique

My cat Gabby is demonatrating me waiting patiently for vacation. I will catch up on things around the house. No traveling.

Decided to work the calves. How is my #fitfam ?
Find a raised surface and hold on to something for balance. Get a good range of motion and go for the burn🔥🔥🔥

"When you reach the end of your rope,tie a knot in it and hang on.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
We all struggle but getting through that workout is the best feeling. Also gym is therapy
Who else agrees?

For 10 minutes.? Try this..Turn up the volume
15 dips
10 Bulgarian squats each leg
Keep grinding for 10 minutes
Go follow @bodyweightwithbrian and check out his link to his Utube
He gets credit for this one!!!!

Day 12 of #20pressups20days
Slow motion effect
Getting closer
This is a worthy cause because it brings awareness of lives lost in the civilian and military world from suicide

Some bodyweight exercises mixed with some dumbbell exercises = pump
This was done on Tuesday. Be creative with what you have. And dont let a bad workout get you down. I struggle daily with certain areas of exercise. You got this #fitfam
BTW They call me Mr. Clean at work. Lol

So this frog at my front door says "Feeling cute right now. Might delete my picture later" lol
This is my first time seeing this at my house. Anyone know anything about these frogs?
Just dont tell me it spits poison in my face or anything like that

Day 11 of #20pressups20days
Shoulders are a little sore today. But its a marathon not a sprint. Good days and bad days.And you know what im about to ask. Right??? "How is the #fitfam ?"

I guess it was arm day after the pushups. Swipe left to see some of the exercises. The exercises using the desk are challenging. Try both versions of this. One with the chin above the desk and one with the head going under. You will feel the burn in a hurry on this one. Happy Tuesday #fitfam

Day 10 of #20pressups20days
I learned this version from @keepitrealwithjesse
To fix any balance issues try a book under one hand and switch sides every 5 reps. Thank you @keepitrealwithjesse for giving me helpful advice on working out.

Day 9 of #20pressups20days
Went a little slower and focused on looking forward a little.
Practice helps.

Yesterday was day 8 of the #20pressups20days
Hows the #fitfam ?

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