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Dirk Dirkus  Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

Fat boy mode activated.

Be #happy. Be #free. Be #blessed.
These men and women paved the way to this lifestyle by paying the #ultimateSacrifice

A lot of you may not agree with what our government does, and that's fine, but along the way, these brave men and women not only have been in wars, but have also participated in #humanitarian missions all across the world, and I am #thankful and #proud of them for doing so.


Who's coming with me? Oh by myself? Challenge Accepted.


Was looking for a Quebec Pizza, and found Celine Dion.

Carlos lookin good.


@i_am_sami got me with the #buffalo. #jerk

DMZ. Haha! I shoulda checked my firewall because @i_am_sami buffalo's me. @tsunami15 is the only buffalo free homie now:

I look to the sea reflections in the waves spark my memory
Some happy some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
We live happily forever so the story goes

Rockin' the boat...

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