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J J Joseph  We are General contractors specializing in kitchen, bathrooms, drywall & roofing! Bonded and insured, free estimates! 808-630-7094

Big shout out to my big brother, partner and friend! @rncgwood Our Lil project is coming along just how we planned! Pretty sure we going be your neighbors soon my bradda we love u guys and truly are blessed to be doing this project with you fam! #jjbuilders #tyj #generalcontractor #nextlevelshit #RnC #mahalo

Easier said then done but if u can figure it out this life shit is so easy!

He'd get drunk and mean as a rattlesnake and wasn't too much this ol boy will take. He got three good kids and a couple dogs he fights some fuckin chickens and he kills some hogs and spends most of his time cuttin up logs and gettin money, trying like the devil to find the Lord working like a nigger for my room and board, always comes in first never finished last now if that ain't a Cowboy I'd kiss ur ASS! #jjbuilders #countryboy #tyj #Josephboys #longlivecowboys #alwaysthehardestworkerintheroom

When one of ur good braddas let u down you go to the ones that u can count on in the trenches! #CowboyHaumea #Alaboy #Koani #jjbuilders we don't panic we adapt!

#jjbuilders My Plastermen are doing the damn thing! Bottom to top start to finish we get the job done! #nextlevelshit #generalcontractor #tyj

Look this pigs! Right on the freeway literally! If u going be one bum at least respect the rest of us tax payers and pick up ur own rubbish!

#jjbuilders getting paid like a mufaka! This shit is ✌🏿ezay! #stayhustlin #tyj #alaboy #nextlevelshit

Now that I'm struggling in this business, by any means label me greedy getting green and seldom seen! #jjbuilders #alwaysthehardestworkerintheroom #stayhustlin #nextlevelshit

#jjbuilders working the night shift! If it don't make dollars it don't make cents! #commercial #residential #inout #updown nothing to big!

My baby 👶 getting so big I'm so lucky to be her daddy! They had blast at the hotel this weekend! #tyj #JourneyJay

I can't even tell you how true this statement is! Pray ask our Father for what is in ur heart ❤️ and don't be afraid to take chances! #itworksforme

#jjbuilders doing work! Praise Jesus all my hard work is starting to pay off! Lucky 🍀 strike Honolulu 20,000 sq ft of flooring in one week. #contractor #freeestimates #tyj

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