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Denise Marie  Oh hayyyyy y'all! ❤️

Want to know what a heart attack feels like? Try taking five busy bodies into a packed building of even more busy bodies when suddenly an emergency evacuation demands you swipe them up and run to your nearest exist. Ya that happened. But I survived! 🤣😂 but they all had funnnnn! #milajayde #andcrew #badideamom #seaquest #lasvegas

Y'all I promise, you will never hear me say "I can NOT wait till Monday!" But I did, and it's here and so is all of Mila's much anticipated goodies from @baileysblossoms Typically, I don't take pictures of her clothes (I mean really) but I just have to share these stylish, oh so cute, and completely affordable clothes from @baileysblossoms Mamas y'all are welcome! Daddies, sorry but you're just going to have to work a little harder this week cause I guarantee you your paychecks are going all to them! Lol #milajayde #stylishbaby #baileysblossoms

This goes to show us parents how well our kids listen. My kids made me a caramel macchiato with an add shot and extra caramel, just the way I order it! #blessed #mama #churchandcoffee #sundaysbest

Did pandora just spit out some old school R. Kelly "Bump and Grind"?? And did my kids just start dancing to it?? Pandora needs to keep that one in the closet.

I make them work for their money around here 💁🏻 #momlife #teachemyoung #workhardplayhard #theylldoanythingforabuck

Why son, why? Keeping these for his future girlfriend. #mamasboy #mygaveyboy

Trying to sneak in a little snack for myself and these little midgets (including the big ones) completely attacked me leaving me with crumbs. #momlife #snacktime #theives #milajayde #andcrew

My baby sister just graduated boot camp! It's been too long without seeing her face and hearing her voice. Of course I was the first person she face timed! #sistersister #navy #proudsister #shesgoingplaces

Waking up to this face. Best. Thing. Ever! #myboy #mamasboy #slumberparty #mommyandme

Attention VEGAS, Eryn and her friends will be hosting their 5th lemonade stand with all the proceeds going to St Jude's. If any of y'all (I'm practically begging) would love to help me and Eryn in the planning and volunteering please DM me or comment or text, whatever! Because this is so special to her I want to make this one the biggest and most bad ass lemonade stand!!! With the help from @shana_jane @jomamacuen and their girls we kicked ass last year. Let's make it happen again y'all! #kidsagainstcancer #fuckcancer #vegas #kidsrule #lemonadestand

Wishful Wednesday. More than anything, I wish my immediate family lived closer so that our children can grow up together. But for now, I'll happily except the pictures. #thenephews #myboysrule @bonniemila and @andrianibuck thank you for the pictures @adamsoven wish you were there to see your boys.

Never fails with her. No matter where I hide my chocolate stash she seems to find it. #milayjayde #nochocolateissafe

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