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Pete Chatmon | D7I  The Director.

Shout out to the dope INSECURE team! Let's go! @issarae @the_a_prentice @msmelina @msdeniese @classicdayna @benthewriter @nfrothwell

Gonna make a special trip for you, baby. #tomorrow #day4 #cleanseover #pizzeriamozza

There it is.

A lead more of these politicians should follow.

You can't get it back. Time. "Sweat during prep so you don't bleed during production". Or some sh*t like that. Heard some crew members ragging on a director on some set somewhere with that axiom. I took note.

Today's treat. The real willpower kicks in when you're out in public around all kinds of eating.

Day 2 of 3. 6 meals + 2 waters throughout the day + your normal water consumption. This is Option 3 of #pressedjuicery's offerings, so it's ideal if you've done a cleanse before as you're intake is about 500 calories a day. That third joint from the right is the final "meal", a 210 calorie almond drink that is like surf and turf by the time you pop that top off. Altogether though, feeling good and focused while prepping for the start of tomorrow's pre-production. #juicecleanse

Let's get this week started! -- Repost from @kalihawk using @RepostRegramApp - 😩SNATCHED back into #Monday just like that! How did the whole weekend go by so fast??

Supporting @issarae @msdeniese at A SIP with @bandrybarry with @vladversailles and @rebeccamurga.

Nice quick catch-up with the NYC homies for a 5 minute "swim". Cinematographer @verrechiastudios Costume Designer @bklynstylist and @therubezzz

Handyman-ing and returning favors for my peoples @mizztamarabass

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