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Olivia Westbrook-Seward  Here be dragons. London ° Seattle

How could I not? It *literally* has my name on it. 🍪🤷🏼‍♀️😝

Feather boas, photo booths, and a forking happy new year! 😉#goldbarsea #whatisbeesnye

Got to witness this super powerful event last night. Incredible people doing amazing work. #shoutyourabortion

We real cool (toned).

Out here winning the last minute Halloween game with dark lipstick and a Jeff Goldblum sign. Hardcore inspired by the genius @emmierag_oh back in 2014.

So happy to have this one back in my arms.

Finishing in style. Can't get over this ceiling! #whatisbeesiii

This pose from last night looks cute and relaxed(ish) but actually I'm just concentrating on keeping as much weight off my feet as possible. 👠😵#whatisbeesiii

THIS PLACE. 🖤💕💜💙 #whatisbeesiii

A glare only a true Slytherin could give. 💚👀🐍 #whatisbeesiii

PSA: I'm the best travelling companion and will get you coffee in the morning before you even open your eyes.