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Dotties Donuts  Philadelphia vegan donuts 4529 Springfield ave 7am-7pm weekdays 8-5pm weekends. NEW LOCATION 509 south 6th street 9-5pm 7 days

Chef Jeff just had to tell Mick who Soulja boy isπŸ™„. Kiss these donuts through the phone. 😘 πŸ“² 🍩
Deluxe flavors: coconut cream, Homer, salted Caramel, and chocolate Oreo.
Filled: Boston Cream, and espresso butter cream topped with salted Caramel.

Deluxe: cookies & cream, blueberry, lemon poppy, chocolate pistachio
Filled: raspberry vanilla
#donuts #vegan #irishsetter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day πŸ€ today we got mint chocolate, Irish potato (cream cheese glaze cinnamon toasted coconut )πŸ₯”, salted caramel, chocolate pistachio.
Filled is salted caramel with espresso buttercream

😻Friday😸 See you soon!

Deluxe flavors: blueberry coconut, strawberry pistachio, birthday cake, and chocolate Oreo.

Filled: Boston cream and chocolate butter cream covered is powdered sugar.

#vegan #vegandonuts #donuts #fridayfun #everybodysworkingfortheweekend

Spring time is rolling up and you should, too. Check out these flavors in bloom.
Deluxe flavors: Homer, Thai tea, cookies & cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough.
Filled: Boston cream and chocolate butter cream topped with toasted coconut.

#donuts #vegan #vegandonuts #springtimeblooms #rollup

Suns out and it feels warm in the shop. If you are struggling to get through the week come in to grab some coffee and a dozen.
Deluxe flavors are: Thai tea, chocolate pistachio, lemon poppy, and coconut cream. Filled are Boston cream and vanilla with blueberry jam.

#vegan #donuts

Everyday can feel like your birthday with one of these bad boys πŸŽ‚πŸ© Deluxe: Thai tea, salted caramel, birthday cake, maple bacon πŸ₯“
Filled: espresso buttercream with salted caramel glaze

Chocolate buttercream with marshmallow glaze

Deluxe: chocolate pistachio, marshmallow chocolate, lemon poppy, raspberry mango

Sunday blues kicking in? Say no more, fam 😀😀 Espresso buttercream-filled cappuccino donut coming in HOT πŸ”₯🍩 get yours asap!
Deluxe flavors - salted caramel, cookie dough, thai tea, and cookies & cream. Boston cream also available. #vegan #donuts

Every weekend should start with a chocolate buttercream-filled donut and good company πŸ©πŸ‘‹ dontcha think?? 😎😎
Deluxe flavors - lemon poppy, maple bacon, raspberry mango, and chocolate pistachio. Boston cream also available. #vegan #donuts

It's chef Ralph's last day here at Dottie's so we made peanut butter and strawberry jelly-filled in his honour 🍩πŸ₯œ Ralph is the oldest Dottie's employee and the original delivery chef so smash that like like your job depends on it!!! Farewell, Ralph πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
Deluxe flavors - hibiscus lemon, thai tea, peanut butter chocolate pretzel, and cookies n cream. Boston cream also available. #vegan #donuts

Maple glazed with house-made coconut bacon! 🍩🍩πŸ₯“πŸ₯“ treat ya self β€πŸ‘½
Deluxe flavors - homer, chocolate pistachio, lemon poppy, and maple bacon. Boston cream and blueberry jam-filled with lemon poppy glaze also available. #vegan #donuts

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