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Does posting a photo make this a comeback?

Hello... It's me.


1. I'm a Muslim. Since it defines everything about me, it's the most important fact and hence first in this list.
2. I'm 26 years old.

3. I'm British, and not from London (which for some reason many people think even though they've never heard me speak). 4. My accent sounds very London-ish with hints of American (because I talk to + went to school with a lot of Americans), and Irish (because my brother and I regularly say things in Irish accents and it's just stuck with some words, it's also my favourite accent). 5. I'm a very private person. It comes across like I share a lot but anybody who gets to know me realises that they don't really know much about the real me. I take pride that I can use social media without people knowing much.

6. I know more about Apple than most (store) employees, although I don't work there. Someday in sha'Allah.

7. I'm a prime example of someone who gives a lot of advice but can't seem to take their own when it comes to my own personal stuff.

8. I've had 4 real-life stalkers who have followed me and found me. I currently have 3 online stalkers of which one has sent me over 400 anonymous messages and continues to do so.

9. I have a Bachelors in Accounting & Finance and a Masters in Marketing, yet wish I'd studied medicine or architecture or became a teacher, the last of which I may still do at some point in my life. For now, I fill that void by tutoring which I've been doing for just over 10 years now and is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing ever.

10. My favourite food is sushi, followed by pizza and then nargasi kofte (meatballs with a boiled egg inside) with biryani.

11. I took that picture above and have been taking photos since as far back as I can remember. I don't really tell people about it as I don't consider myself a photographer, but I do know how to use a camera pretty well. I also helped a currently very well-known photographer get started before she'd even bought her DSLR.

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