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Mounting @samschonzeit hand sprayed postcards @tiinathestore @tiinalaakkonen

Persist pink clothing being carefully ironed by Tiina! @tiinathestore @tiinalaakkonen @shahmona111 @archanajalan @360fashionkamlesh @adivpurenature

Claudia measuring and taping persist pink photo collage table..... @tiinathestore @tiinalaakkonen

Toogood furnitures and dosa vintage Khadi pillows

Slowly setting up the barn @tiinathestore @tiinalaakkonen @tellitsgaard

Early stage of exploring ceiling installation for upcoming exhibit....
Gracias to @tellitsgaard @saraloellitsgaard @shahmona111 @jessicaannodonnell

Experimenting with @wekiss samplers for @tiinathestore installation

Making pile of cushions with vintage Khadi textiles @tiinathestore along with @wekiss hand screened shawls

Love the way staffs@arts_and_science handle even the smallest objects....beautiful reminder why I keep spending time here! Thank you.

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