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D O R E E N  The slightest, little things 🦄💫


Thanks for being the reason I want to be in society and stay cheerful as always!! Love yaaaa 😚#mikemike

Happy birthday to the most annoying sister on earth 🤡✨
Stay ugly and continue to annoy people around you// thankyou for all the htht and for helping me throughout my everyday life☺️ Continue your craziness and pls stay this way for the rest of your life!! stayyyy fugly 😉💕

Missing those high waist pants trend, on a side note I miss being here ):

Hit 21 on 21st August!! Yayy👧🏻✨Thank you everyone for coming down to my birthday celeb!!🎂🎊
// Special thanks to fuglyying for making Oreo cheese cakes, running streets w me to find the dresses and making my knees break while she hunts for her jackets TT; my sisters for helping me throughout, even though it was super last min; my the other half for getting helium balloons, setting up the buffet and also hosting my sec sch friends; my daddy for sponsoring the buffet; my mummy for helping to move the chairs to enhance the walking space into a bigger and more comfortable space to move around; my brother and cordelia for being the photographer as well as designing the cake it was so pretty!!; also John for helping me to put up the tassel and adjusting it whenever it drops; and last but not least the people that are here together w me, thank youuu ☺️💕

🐠🐟just dancing in the waters🐬🐳

Blessed with the best 💕

My fav part of the gallery 🌌 #yayoikusama

👯 Happy birthday to my dearest jiejie👸🏻✨
Although you are 24/7 annoying af; always telling me to get you cosmetics; asking me to retake a billion of photos in order to get a nice shot; telling me to get you food/drinks and those times where we gang up to bully the younger ones HHAHAHA it was super fun (especially on @_guiyinggg) 😂
Wanna thank you for always being my sidekick 😈 Even though we fought a lot, bicker a lot, but you know deep down you meant the most to me and I will always be there for you (even though sometime I couldn't but you know I'll always try ahhaha) 我爱你很多很多 saranghae noona💕

Happy birthday and happy daddy's day to the one and only Dad👨🏻✨
Thank you for always cooking the best dishes for us; bringing us to an adventure; and giving us the best of the best. To me, being able to work w you has been a privilege, because I get to see how your day goes. I'm sorry if my clumsiness made you angry at times, but I'm also glad that my clumsiness turns out to be smth funny, and with that you will at least laugh after you frown hehe. I enjoy the times I have w you, and the times I get to spent w you before I work on other things for the future. The future may be uncertain but what I'm certain of is that I love you to the moon and back daddy, you've been a big contribution and blessing to my life and I wish you long live, my king 🤴🏻

M I K E 'Since 2014 // Forth year together 💚✨
An outing before all the boys goes botak | JUNE 14

Here's my kohkoh turning 21st 💃🏻 She's also one of my biggest takeaway from secondary school. You know it's never okay cuz we are both so segregated now, but I also know that it's okay because somewhere in between the line we will still take the effort to meet one other, and I really appreciate the 💯efforts you made (": Thank you for being the parts and parcels of my life, being one of my best girlfriend to go crazy with. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOHKOH🎈, filled your day w your favourite jäger bomb 🍺 and spent time w your love ones👫💕 Pardon me for the late post ): but it's better late than never heheh☺️ 爱你很多很多💖😈👻

👯👯💕 想念我们吗?

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