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Maxine Timms  Happily stitching away in rural Dorset

I am much indebted to lovely @stitchykate for her recipe for Kent cake. A delicious concoction of ground almonds, coconut and ripples. Who knew you could still buy ripples? Mr S, returning from a charity bike ride, declared it to be just what he needed, and scoffed two slices. I'll be making this one again. Thanks Kate πŸ‘

I love this illustration by @brieharrison from the summer @craftpod_ box. I'm going to try a little stitching onto painted fabric πŸ…

The baby housemartins are getting big now, and they stick their heads out of the nest, surveying the big wide world and watching for their poor parents who tirelessly fly back and forth bringing them tasty insects. Catty watches through the open window. I watch Catty and get backache as I twist awkwardly out of the window to look at them.

I have grown a corn cockle!
I'm very pleased with this, because I'm always flinging packets of wild flower seeds around the garden, and mostly they don't grow. Anyway, this one has, and I loves it πŸ’œ

Borage flowers and evening sun 🌞
Happy weekend everyone x

My friend Irene has a birthday coming up, so I made a small addition to the needlecase from @craftpod_ and added some lovely sari silk ribbon from @ruby_sixpence_shop
#craftpod #handembroidery #needlecase #sarisilkribbon

I don't know where Mr and Mrs Swan have been hiding their family, but I was surprised and delighted to see eight cygnets swimming along as I arrived home.

This afternoon I shall mainly be making blackcurrant jam πŸ˜‹

I sometimes aspire to be all floaty, white and delicate but in reality I think I'm more quilty, tea stained and slightly tangled.
As I scrunched across the crunchy grass to my summerhouse, my embroidery seemed to match the view over the fields 🌾
#handembroidery #fieldsofbarley #linblomman

In yet more alpaca news, I had a wonderful day walking an alpaca called Alan. Trust me to get the tricky one who slouched along slowly at the back and kept stopping to scoff clover. By the time we got to the end though, Alan and I had built up a companionable working relationship, and he trotted along nicely, especially with the promise of a carrot and the girl alpacas back in the field. Thankyou to my wonderful friend @tmaw73 for treating me πŸ’•
#alpacas #alpacaannie

Visiting my Mum for the weekend, and had a little jolly out on the bus to the seaside. We scoffed the best fish and chips I've ever had, and I gazed longingly at the sea. Whilst there we met up with the truly delightful @stitchykate. Yet another insta pal ticked off my list of people to meet, and looking forward to meeting up again. On the way back we were deafened by cheering every time we walked past a pub ⚽

Such a sweet picture of my Mum and her sisters, sometime in the 1940's. Mum is the eldest, on the right ❀️

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