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Maxine Timms  Happily stitching away in rural Dorset Things for sale @dorothysparkleshoes_shop Click link below to my folksy and etsy shops

Places you can knit

On a drizzly day like this, what I want for supper is some roasted root veg drizzled with a little honey to bring out the sweetness of the beetroot and sweet potato. Might throw in some puy lentils at the end so they go slightly crispy. Sorted.
#roastedveg #comfortfood #scrumptiousautumn

A quick walk to end the day, and surprisingly chilly.

I have been a little remiss with my #widn tags, having been asked recently by two lovely ladies, @romanaisblog and @stitchykate. So thankyou for asking dearies. Here I am with my friend Deb, and right now we are scoffing crumpets with lashings of butter and having tea. Nom nom nom πŸ˜‹ Deb looks excited doesn't she! Note the autumn tea set πŸ‚
#crumpets #lashingsofbutter

It was all going so well. For the first time in yonks I had 10 nice long fingernails......and then.....bother. I just don't know how people have nice nails.

My Β£2 charity shop autumn leaf brooch πŸ‚ Bargainous eh?
I do love a nice brooch these days.

Whilst in town today I nipped into Paperchase to buy a new diary for next year. 2019, can that be true? I picked up the nice green pen that came with it, and wrote in my new motto, 'Remain encouraged'. Thankyou to lovely @christiejonesray for putting that phrase into my head.
#newdiary #newmotto

This week I feel as though I've been in a strange parallel universe somewhere, where time has been speeded up and everything became a blur. Eleventy million things to do and me running around with a big pocket watch muttering about being late. The calendar for next week looks even more manic, but this morning I'm settling down with my knitting, and I'm going to turn the heel on this sock. It's still blowing a hoolie outside and the chickens are walking sideways against the wind, but it's calm and quiet inside. Wishing you all a happy weekend, and thankyou to the dear kind friends who noticed my insta absence and messaged me to check if I was OK. Loves you lots πŸ’•
#knitting #knittedsocks #operationsockdrawer #crazyzauberball

Staying with my Mum. We're in bed with our cups of tea having a laugh. Happy Monday all x

I have been tagged for #widn by @goslingandplumb, and thankyou for asking Laura.
Well it's been blowing a hoolie outside today, so I've been cosied up indoors finishing my September stitchery from @nickifranklin_needlework. These sunflowers are teeny weeny 🌻 Also I had some happy post from wonderful Debs @dsg1964, and you can just see them in the background. Beautiful old French documents, some almost 200 years old. The handwriting is incredible, thankyou Debs.
#handembroidery #thestitcheryjournal #sunflowers #happymail

There is a lot of ivy growing in my garden, and around this time of year, when it's in flower, the ivy is absolutely FULL of bees buzzing 🐝
#bees #ivyflowers

I have made a rod for my own back. Catty now refuses to eat ANY cat food unless it is sprinkled with a light garnish of dreamies 🐱
#dreamies #bloomingcat #gotmewoundroundhislittlepaw

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