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#BLKFEM FEMME NOIRE Resting before our last date of Unwanted this week @cite.carter and le Safran Amiens.
What a journey this has been! Thank you everyone for your presence and support!
@like__a__villain you have been immense, thank you!
📷: that six year old

Merci Conakry !
Au revoir Guinée !
Upon meeting you I was on the verge of tears and despair. The chaos, the incessant noise, the ongoing pillage, the state of your infrastructure, the injustice of the political and economical systems almost made me go blind with rage. And then your people, your enchanting people, your phenomenal artists, your elders, your young men and women stole my heart with their beauty and bright minds and opened my eyes and took me into the meanders of your history. You were the first African country to say NO to De Gaulle. Unfortunately dictatorship broke you and the political crimes have never been punished - many people are yet to mourn so many of their lost ones. BUT despite all that, I also learned you are one of the most beautiful countries in West Africa and it is true for I got a chance to behold a part of your beauty.
I am full!
And I am thankful!
Merci Nicolas Doyard for inviting us.
@like__a__villain 🧡

Last performance of our west African tour!
See you tonight at 7.30pm at Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen, if you are in Conakry!
What a journey this has been! A journey full of unhoped for encounters, a journey full of joy and tears, a journey full of sleepless nights and bright mornings, a journey into the heart of humanity. Thank you all, and most of all to all my African brothers and sisters who came out to hold space with us through this journey.
@like__a__villain Thank you for being completely open and present!
A ce soir !

Au revoir Bamako !
Thank you @kettlynoel for inviting us to Donko Seko for your Dense Bamako Danse festival. Thank you to all the lovely humans, musicians , artists, children, strangers and familiar faces, I was blessed to be with. Merci Fatoumata Diarra (in this first image) tu es rare. Merci mes frères ivoiriens Sanga Ouattara et @broukabrou_relache_ Leonce Konan Noah bénis soyez-vous ! Anicet Zehoua Bi-Tra merci pour ta performance puissante d’hier soir, thank you for being unafraid to roll in the rising dust of the streets of Bamako last night, your performance was huge! Merci Ibrahima Camara and your collaborators! You are all such an inspirational bunch! I see you. Last but not least, merci Oumou Diara (in the third image) for cooking for us such delicious meals!
@like__a__villain my deepest gratitude 💙

Now let’s gather in Conakry. This Wednesday at 7.30pm at Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen !

@like__a__villain happy birthday boi!
You are one rare being! Thank you for being apart of this journey called Unwanted! You’re not only an amazing artistic collaborator but also a belovèd friend. 💙

If you or your people happen to be in Bamako tonight come at 8pm to Donko Senko!@kettlynoel thank you so much for inviting us in your space during your festival Dense Bamako Danse.
Happy to be here!

Au revoir Ouagadougou !
You have been too good to us!
Madame Zida thank you for having us in your courtyard! I carry you and your family close. Performing Unwanted within your compound has brought us so much strength, vulnerability and love. Thank you Aristide Tarnagda again and again for inviting Unwanted to your festival! Truly honored and humbled to have been in your presence and in that of the many phenomenal artists you summoned for the Récréatrales! Such African excellence!
Now we are going to prepare for our show in Bamako.
@like__a__villain i can’t thank you enough 💙

Thank you @like__a__villain for being right here right now! I love you! The past two nights performing Unwanted here in Ouagadougou at the Zida’s family are leaving an indelible mark. Thank you to each of you for coming to bear witness with us. Thank you les Récréâtrales for having us! One last show tonight! 🧡

Setting up today chez les Zida!
Thank you Zida family for welcoming us and allowing us to perform in your inner space!🧡
UNWANTED Monday, Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday at 6.15pm.

Nii wongo - Bienvenue !

Getting wiser every day in these streets and in these courtyards!
Merci Odile Sankara d’avoir partagé les mots du grand Amadou Hampâté Bâ « Lettres à la jeunesse africaine ».
Mille mercis Aristide Tarnagda et Etienne Minoungou respectivement directeur et fondateur des Récréâtrales d’inviter des artistes phénoménaux qui nous bousculent et nous émeuvent !
Truly humbled!

In the company of great artists here at the RÉCRÉâTRâLES festival where performances are taking place in the streets as well as in the courtyards of the people of the Bougsemtenga neighborhood.
Merci beaucoup Aristide Tarnagda, Etienne Minoungou et toute l’équipe du festival ! It’s immense being right here, right now! This year’s edition is called ‘Tresser le courage’ - so yes let’s intertwine courage together!
Come see Unwanted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!
@like__a__villain thank you for catching that moment in my ochre element🧡

Time to rest now!
Time to let all of the past days’ journeys settle.

Thank you dear all, family, friends, collaborators - for your love, support, conversations, involvement and commitment!
See you later in Ouaga, Bamako and Conakry! 💛 📷: that six year old!
Art on the wall from Rwanda - home - never quite far from home!


Spending time with that six year old.
See you again tonight Marseille!

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