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D o r i a n P i t t  First times β•³ The Unknown

It's pretty darn cool when you're drawn. This pic has gotten a lot of play on the interwebs, people have even used it as their profile pic, (which is super weird). Any who, grateful for very talented friends who make me look way cooler than I am. Artists @cabanaem @daltoncampbellphotography

Hoping to get my bike situated for tomorrow. DGR. For the love of the community, and the mens πŸ’ž#distinguishedgentlemansride

Two girls, one bike. @highwaypegg is my bestest bish. Tinder my tender. #idswiperightonher #yamamamas πŸ¦‚πŸ¦‚

When I dump out my tools.. you never know what you'll find. #organizedmess #homedepotkidstoolsetbuttheywork Thanks @tyler_texas_ranger for the spare battery ( hahaha I'll give it back to you In a year or so...) xoxo!

Stupid face, but obligatory first day pic! She prefers to be kick started. Took my roomie @iinbetween_ for a spin to the dollar store. #winning 😝#yamamonmywaytothedollastore #boobsweatisstoopid

Too πŸ’ to pass up. Say hello to my new BB. Thanks Billlllllly for coming to check her out, and makes sure she was in good shape! @tx_chainlube_massacre #yamahaxs400 #workinprogresslikeitsmama #yamamama #sidewalkparking #ladyinred #illalwaysgojapaneseireallythinkso

This is the raddest, gen U wine, Queen B @feralloathing I adore you, 'more than words', happiest birthday to you!!!! #rabbitholes #cruelsummer #summerflings #bestbish #demfurrrrflyingdames #usgirlsjustwanttohavefun

#fbf2012 love this piece of art @cabanaem drew of me ✨ I will be back on two wheels in the very near future, and my soul will be partially restored. Without motorcycles my life is ... eh #onlydoingitformyself #nosquadgoals #imalonerdottie

Ohhhh herrrro little darln'. This is mint!! I'd zip around town on this wee baby. What I really want is a Yamaha XT500

Sometimes the straw that broke the camel's back, is exactly what you need to ignite that flame under your ass. πŸ€”#regretsyoubet #ithinkicanithinkicanithinkican #slowandsteady #patiencegrasshopper #thehustleisreal #soisthestruggle πŸ“· @daltoncampbellphotography

#mcm you are my herrrrrro, and my friend. Grateful to have you in my life. My sounding board. #nothingsexierthanamanthatcanbuildyouanything @jaydemaso

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