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Doriel Rozanes  NJ /NYC 📍 ✖️Stetts Models ✖️STRONG by Zumba ✖️Nutrition Plans ✖️Contact ✖️Women’s Best Team - Discount Code : Dori10

Booty & back day! Love this body part combo. 🍑💪🏽

Let’s play True or False. I will share with you 2 facts about me and one of them is not true. Just comment the # you think is NOT true! If you are right I’ll like your comment!😄 1. I served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)
2. My favorite exercise is squats
3. My phobia is to go on roller coaster

Thank you god for blessing me with yet another year on this earth!
29 but feeling like 19! 🌸🎉🎈

This shoulder burn out is a killaaaa 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽🔥🔥🔥add & save these exercises to your next shoulder day!!!
#spiderwoman 🕷

“I fight for perfection” -Mike Tyson 👊🏽🖤

Tip for you all:
ALWAYS combine exercises which working on individual leg!
Don’t only use both legs exercise like squats or leg press.
We all have a weaker side of the body, try to focus on building strength in both legs. 💪🏽💙

You guys are still around?
I’m taking care of myself and trying to workout as much as I can.
Health is the most important thing that we should pray for. Not fam, not success etc.. All of this is worthless if you are not healthy!
Thank god everyday for waking up in the morning and never don’t take it for granted 💙
Stay tuned for my legday session video .Happy Flexfriday fam.

Happy Friday! 🧡

I’m alive very much alive.
I had a very stressful week, taking care of my health and had to fly to my country. Everything is under control. 🙏🏽
Hopefully I will be back to my daily routine very soon! Enjoy your day fam 💕

Failure is a part of Success! So embrace the process. #dorielfit
Wearing @womensbest comfy outfit!! 😍 Use my discount code: Dori10 💕

The way to my heart!🍦😍
What’s your favorite treat??👇🏽

I don’t know how, but this just happened!
Official the HARDEST ab exercise I did in a while!
How do you know if it’s a killer exercise?! When you can’t even laugh/ cough the day after! 😂😫
So sore from doing only 3 sets 12 reps!! DEAD 💀🔥 Quick tip how to perform it right without injuring your lower back! •Make sure your tailbone is out while sitting on this soft medicine ball. (As you can see I fixed my position cause it was not right)

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