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Doreen Virtue  Author of books and cards about God and his holy angels. 100% vegan since 1996, loves God, Jesus, family, animals, sobriety and nature.


I am grateful for YOU!! Your presence in my life and in our world makes a big positive difference. May we all continue to walk together in faith, trusting where God is leading us. .
A reminder that we will be holding a live prayer video gathering today at 6 pm Pacific on my Facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444 page.
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Thank you God, for all of the blessings that you send to us! #gratefultogod #morningswiththelord #thankyougod #trustinthelord

Gratitude lifts us up, and reminds us to focus upon our blessings. Who or what are you grateful for? #attitudeofgratitude #thankyou #thanksgiving #blessings #focusonwhatsright #thankyougod #morningswiththelord

One of my favorite angel stories is about a prophet named Balaam and the king of Moab, Balak. Balak was afraid that the Israelites were going to take over his land, so he sent for Balaam to curse the Jewish nation. At Balak’s third request, God told Balaam to go, but not to speak before he heard from the Lord.

Along the path, Balaam’s donkey stopped because he saw the angel the Lord had sent. Balaam beat the animal until God performed a miracle that allowed the donkey to speak and Balaam to see the angel. The angel confirmed that he should not speak until he heard from the Lord, and the donkey told Balaam to stop hurting him. When Balaam got to Moab, he told King Balak that he could not curse Israel because God had not cursed and never would curse Israel. Instead, the prophet blessed the nation.
Just as God spoke to Balaam, He desires to speak to us. He will even send us angels to deliver His messages. God told Balaam that He would not change His mind about Israel. This is a great reminder that God’s promises are kept. God always has a plan, and He follows through with that plan, not taking anything back. He has blessed all nations and will continue to.
Read through the story of Balaam. See how he is changed when he encounters the angel of the Lord. One encounter with the Lord can certainly transform a person. Note how he refused to speak until he heard from the Lord. There are wonderful lessons that we can glean from this story. Dear one, God seeks those who listen for His voice, speak His words, and perform His will regularly. ***
Good Morning, Lord
I ask that you help me understand God’s will for me and forgive me for the times when I’ve willfully not listened. Thank you for guiding me to take action according to God’s will, knowing that this is the true path to happiness. ***
“I will speak only the message that the LORD puts in my mouth.”

From the November 19 page of Mornings With the Lord, available at http://amzn.to/2hL8T3D with a special Kindle price in many areas of 99 cents for instant download. Please join me on my Facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444 for daily live group prayers, support, and inspiration. #morningswiththelord

We all go through challenging times, and we can get so lost in our upset that we forget to pray or ask for help. In Psalm 13, David cries, “How long, Lord? How long will you ignore me?” It can feel as though God has forgotten you, as though you aren’t worth anything. However, if you read the rest of the psalm, you’ll see that deliverance comes. God loves you and created you with a purpose.
Today, I’d like to share some supportive prayers based on scriptures to help during times of darkness. You can pray for others who are struggling, too. God desires to bring you through your challenges, so exercise your faith in His Word—even when you don’t feel like it. • God, I cast my burden on You. I know You will take care of me. (Psalm 55:22). • God, I know You are with me through these murky waters. The river will not consume me. The flames will not burn me, because You are by my side. You protect and sustain me. (Isaiah 43:2). • I know You hear my cries, and I wait patiently for You. I know You will show up. You’ll pull me out of this slimy pit of mud, clean me off, set me upon a joyful rock, and I’ll be singing songs of praise to You, God! (Psalm 40:1–3). Darling, you will rejoice once again. God won’t let you down. There’s hope and help in God’s Word, and He’s always loving you. *** Good Morning, Lord
I pray that you will lift up my mood, my spirit, and my outlook. Help me see and feel your light, please. Please hold me and reassure me that I am loved. *** “But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.” PSALM 13:5
From: Mornings with the Lord for November 18 at http://amzn.to/2iqGkpb

Please join me at 6 pm pacific daily for live group prayers and spiritual support related to each day's Mornings With the Lord page on Facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444 #prayerworks #trustinthelord #morningswiththelord

As a sensitive person, you may feel worried without knowing why. Perhaps you've been affected by other people's worries, or from fear-based news reports. Worry doesn't help anything though. In fact, worry makes everything seem dimmer than it is.
That's when prayer is extra important, to restore our faith and trust in God's loving presence. It's so helpful to say the words out loud, "Thank you God for helping me with (then describe what you're worried about)." By vocalizing our worries to God, we release them out of ourselves, and give them to the One who can help. Please don't worry about how God will help you, just trust in the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and soul and keep asking for - and accepting - his help.
Please join me on my Facebook page for daily live group prayers, support, and inspiration from the "Mornings With the Lord" devotional book at our new time of 6pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern.
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Let your light shine so brightly that you uplift everyone around you! Never be embarrassed to be seen or heard, spreading God's love which is SO needed right now. Smile big, love big, and pray big.
Please join me daily on my Facebook page for group prayers and support at our new time 6 pm pacific, 9 pm eastern.
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Please join me daily on my Facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444 page at 7 pm pacific time for live video prayers and discussions related to each day's devotional.

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He is always with you. You are never alone. Prayers, such as this one, can help you to experience his presence: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for being with all who ask. I need your help with (describe situation). Thank you for being with me right now, and for guiding, loving, uplifting, and supporting me." Please keep the faith, no matter what.
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Whatever you're worried about, say the words "God please help me with this," and then pour out your heart in an out loud conversation with your Creator, who loves you and wills to help you in the best way.
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