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❌❌How many times a day do you see “Gain 1000 Followers In 30 days”.... 💥💥 Yea, that’s great but what do all those followers mean if you have $0 sales?
💥💥 There is no feeling like seeing $0 sales once you have made an amazing product and pitched I️t to your audience.
💥💥 Problem is no one is listening!! Not because they don’t care about what you have to say. They followed you so they care, but they may not be on Instagram today, they may be taking a social media binge, they may just be checking their DM’s, they may not be on Instagram when you post...see where I am going?
💥💥 There are just way to many possibilities and when you are building your business, you need to make sure you have a system of marketing that is going to get you a return on investment with your time and money 💥💥 I️ use Instagram to build my brand awareness to 1000’s of people using hashtags, grow my following and then I️ use my link in bio to turn my followers into email subscribers
💥💥 How are you using Instagram to market your business? 👇👇👇 Tell me below

❌❌ DONT FORGET! Progress is a Process. You may not make 1 million overnight. You may not get 10,000 email subscribers in 10 days and that is OK. We often search the gram and come across tons of highlight reels. “I️ made 50k last month from my blog”, “ I gained 20,000 email subscribers in 2 weeks”. Ok cool. But that isn’t everyone’s story. In fact, it’s not the story of most people. So what I️ choose to focus on instead is the process which will lead me to the progress. Break your goals down into your daily process and you will see results!

🙋🏾🙋🏾Raise your hand if you thought blogging and building a social media following was going to be easy?!
👉👉 Ahhhh no! Sorry Charlene, but this game is not for the faint hearted
👉👉 You can thrive by building a social media following and monetizing your following. BUT I️t is a process.
👉👉 If you are not 1. Making sales 2. Growing your following 3. Increasing email subscribers DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.
👉👉Start at step 1 by defining your audience and figure out what problem they need to solve. 💥💥 I️ repeat DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. Fight for your business and keep moving forward

2018 Social Media Image CHEAT SHEET // If you are constantly making graphics for your social media pages like I am you need to have the right images sizes so that everything looks great! Here are the sizes for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ⚡️⚡️FACEBOOK
Facebook Post - 940 x 788 px
Facebook Group Photo - 1640 x 856 ⚡️⚡️INSTAGRAM
Instagram Post - 1080 x 1080
Instagram Story-1080 x 1920 ⚡️⚡️PINTEREST
Pinterest -735 x 1102 👉👉👉 For more #socialmediamarketing Tips be sure to click the link in bio

❌❌5 Tell Tell Reasons Why You May Be Losing Followers
1️⃣ You are posting inconsistently or you are posting way too much
👉👉 2-3 Times a day is enough. Once a week just won’t cut it
2️⃣You don’t have a consistent theme
👉👉 Your followers want to know that they can come to your page for the same thing every time
3️⃣ Your captions aren’t engaging or interesting
👉👉 Yes, you have an awesome photo but that won’t keep your user around. They are more likely to invest in your brand and follow you IF you take the time to write a great caption
4️⃣ You aren’t using hashtags effectively
👉👉 pick hashtags and TRACK their success. See which ones work for you and which ones you need to trash
5️⃣ You are not providing value
👉👉 What is your purpose for being on this platform? What problem are you solving for your audience? ⚡️⚡️ For more #instagranmarketing tips be sure to click the link in bio 👆👆👆 📸 @mstr_of_disguise

1️⃣ Identify the real problem - if on day your on fire and the next day you feel like you have no direction, take time to figure out what the hell is going on
👉👉Why are you procrastinating in the first place?
👉👉Is there something out of your comfort zone?
👉👉Is someone telling you that you should step a at from it?
2️⃣ Make a to do list, set a time limit then take a break
👉👉 Make a list- before the end of your day make a to do list for the next day starting with the one big goal you want to accomplish and the steps you need to achieve it
👉👉 80/20- separate your list into 20% priorities and 80% tasks
👉👉 Set a time limit- put a time limit on each task and make sure to budget a few extra minutes on each task
3️⃣ Stop worrying about being perfect 👉👉 Really, how many pieces on content have you come across that have some sort of error... tons. We are all HUMAN and while we want everything to exactly right, I️t never is and that is ok
👆👆👆 For more tips on beating #procrastination be sure to click the link in bio
📸 @nadiaaboulhosn

1️⃣ No Plan
2️⃣ Spending Way Too Much Money Too Fast
3️⃣ Trying To Do Everything Yourself
4️⃣ Making Things Perfect Before Launching
5️⃣ Not Surveying Potential Clients
6️⃣ Copying Others
7️⃣ Not Passionate About Your Business Idea
8️⃣ Doing It Alone
9️⃣ Thinking A Blog ISNT A Business
🔟 Not Starting Today
👆👆👆 For more #socialmediamarketing be sure to click the link in bio 📸 @yoliswa_xo

❌❌3 Pinterest SEO Tips To MASSIVELY Grow Your Email List
1️⃣ Put your keyword in the heading
👉👉 Ex: if your keyword is Instagram Marketing your header would be something like this “Instagram Marketing | 11 Proven Techniques to Grow Your Following
2️⃣ Use keywords. Once you write your header insert keywords that are related to your topic.
👉👉 Ex: if your topic is “Instagram Marketing” related keywords might be social media tips, social media strategy, digital marketing
3️⃣ Put keywords throughout your profile
👉👉 Put then in your bio, Pinterest URL and business name 👆👆👆 For more #socialmediamarketing tips be sure to click the link in bio! 📸 @mpholebajoa

📩📩HAVE YOU SET UP YOUR EMAIL SEQUENCE? Here’s my 6 step process
1️⃣ Email 1 - Bridge the gap between the content upgrade and the offer you are promoting
2️⃣ Give all the details of your offer which you can take straight from your sales page
3️⃣ share your testimonials from your best clients
4️⃣ Share your “why”. Get down and dirty with your own life and share why you created your business.
5️⃣ Overcome any major objections like not having the time or money
6️⃣ Have a timeline got your cart that will close in a certain time period (24 hours)
🎉🎉 For more #businesstips to build your brand be sure to click the link in bio👆👆👆
📸 @veronica_giomini

1. Ebooks
2. Course
3. Workbook
4. Mastermind
5. Online coaching
6. Challenges
7. Checklist
8. Subscriptions
9. Spreadsheets
10. Boot camp
11. Office hours
12. Planners
13. Webinars
14. Podcast
15. Brand Audits

Building your business is HARD WORK yo. Looking at all of these highlight reels can be a pain in the butt. NOT because you don’t want others to be great. Of course you do. There is enough 💰💰 mulah out here for all of us. BUT because you are trying to figure all this ish out. Whenever you feel like things are getting daunting focus on the 3 C’s.
💥Content - Content is KING! No literally, it is. You have to create great content for your followers to be interested.
💥Confidence - you didn’t make your sales goal? You don’t have enough email subscribers, you aren’t gaining enough traction. It is SO EASY to be down in the dumps. Instead, stay confident in what you offer and don’t let the hard times deter you.
💥Commitment- you have to stay the course and remain committed. Everyday is not going to be a good day. Hell, many days won’t turn out the way you won’t but stay committed to your journey by tracking and analyzing your results. Rinse and repeat.

For more daily tips be sure to click the link in bio for your FREE workbook on attracting more followers and creating content that converts 📸 @jessicaannewoodley

👉👉 3 REASONS WHY UNSUBSCRIBERS CAN BE A GOOD THING ///2 people unsubscribed last night and here is what I took away from It /// 2 people unsubscribed from my email list last night and I was like UGH. I am consistently researching the best practices and techniques to share with my audience. Why in the world would they want to unsubscribe? ⚡️But after about 5 minuets I stopped taking it personal and remembered that people unsubscribe for a variety of reasons. ⚡️⚡️REASON #1 - everyone isn’t going to like me and that is ok. The goal is to surround myself with people who do and who enjoy learning from me. Not trying to persuade those who don’t ⚡️⚡️REASON #2 - have you ever heard of an email list purge? Well those 2 people just helped me out. Every quarter I go through my email list and purge out people who haven’t opened my emails in the last few months. I know, it can be hard to let go but building an audience of people who are engaging in your content will benefit you so much more than having a large audience of people who don’t care. ⚡️⚡️REASON #3 - recently I started really (I mean really really) tracking my audience and what they like. I don’t just look at the percentage of opens but I look for trends. Who opened the email on hashtags? Who opened the email about creating a great Instagram caption. By segmenting my audience into what they are interested in, I can now create content specific to their interests. Doing this will decrease unsubscribe rates significantly because I am giving my audience EXACTLY what they want to want and I am solving a problem specific to their needs. 💥💥I am offering an updated workbook on how to track and segment your email analytics including a bonus on how to effectively analyze your results from content upgrades AND a detailed checklist outlining the 7 REASONS WHY PEOPLE UNSUBSCRIBE FROM YOUR LIST for just $19. 👆👆👆Click the link in bio to sign up 📸 @cassyette

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