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Big shout out to Ed Solo and Deekline for featuring two of Dope Ammo Records tracks on their new release
Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 5 - The Ultimate Jungle Cakes Selection
Featuring Benny Page, Serial Killaz UK, JFB, Brian Brainstorm, The Freestylers, Kursiva Music, DJ Hybrid, Marvellous Cain , Dope Ammo, Mooncat, Serum Dnb plus many more
Get yours now here
Big up!!! #Jungle #DopeAmmo #Deekline #EdSolo

Bullets Reloaded Round 4 is now out on general release!
Featuring remixes of tracks by Benny Page, The Drunken Masters and Dope Ammo themselves!
With G Dub, Bladerunner, Panik & M-Rode and Muffler all on remixing duties this is a must add to your summer playlists!
Available now from the following outlets
Dope Ammo Shop
Juno Downloads
Apple Music
#Benny Page #TheDrunkenMasters #DopeAmmo
#GDub #Bladerunner #PanikMRode #Muffler

******OFFER EXTENDED****** Unfortunately we have had some issues over the weekend with our website which meant some of our orders couldn't complete correctly.
To ensure everyone can take advantage of the offer on the Tee's we have extended it until Monday the 5th of June.
We apologise to anyone who tried to order and had issues.
Big Ups
#Offer #JunglistVillain #15%Off

Round 4 is loaded and ready to fire!
Round 4 features remixes of tracks from Benny Page, The Drunken Masters and Dope Ammo themselves
G Dub, Bladerunner, Panik & M-Rode and Muffler take up the remixing duties on these summer smashers!
Soon to be released globally however you can order here now!
Check out the first track of the release below
Dope Ammo - Roots and Culture (G Dub VIP)
#DopeAmmo #Bullets #Round4 #GDubVIP

For all you Junglist Bad Boys and Rude Girls out there here is the new and exclusive Junglist Villain Tee from Dope Ammo!
Featuring a high quality double sided print with vivid yellow lettering to the front and DA logo on the back. (Also Available in B&W)
Make sure you represent the Junglist Villains at every Rave and Festival this year!
These are available as a pre-order and will be shipped mid to late June.
#Junglist #Villain #DopeAmmo #BigSummer #Shop #BHSale

Big up to Selectart from the Dope Ammo Worldwide Crew for recording his mix from the Jump or D1e event @ The Marley Club on Friday 19/5/17
Head over to his SoundCloud cloud page to download it now!
#Selectart #DAWorldwide #CzechDnB #MarleyClub #Ostrava

Dope Ammo and Niche Audio bring you DnB Selecta
DNB Selecta is an incredible collection of kits custom designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine 2. Jump back to the 90s and experience the old skool breaks and relive the classic sound of Jump Up Drum n Bass.
Each kit or project loads with an excellent choice of conceptual midi patterns allowing you to instantly evaluate the sounds in perfect context and start making great music. If your in need of a fresh shot of inspiration, or want to start a track with a specific vibe - DNB Selecta has you covered. Everything about a Niche genre pack is about keeping you in the creative zone.
Whether you’re looking to create your next DNB masterpiece or inject new life into existing projects we have you covered. Packed to the brim with hard deep old skool bass and hard hitting breaks - you’re guaranteed to find the right sounds for any situation.  #DopeAmmo #Niche #LoopMasters #Produce #AbletonLive9 #Maschine2

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