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doomsdaily  Whatever is on my mind and wherever I might be. Music, food, random junk, unedited and edited photos, leftovers, left outs and me. Like it or don't.

Things have taken a turn for the worse.

Finally! After a two week wait! I got my hard copy of Conan ~ Blood Eagle! Doom on!!

Everything about this is fucked! Strapping Young Lad ~ Shitstorm

Terminal Cheesecake ~ Gateau D’Espace

Tripped out jams from Terminal Cheesecake. Highly recommended, psychedelic rock n roll!

Like a rainbow in the dark.

The Misfits ~ Green Hell

Clutch ~ Earth Rocker and Earth Rocker Live

I picked this up on vinyl last eve. It's soooo beautiful!

Birds of a feather...

Danzig II ~ Lucifuge

Over all, some of my favorite songs, but not my favorite album by Danzig! Does that make sense? Just remember, it's a long way back from hell!

Sun king.

For shame!

Fear ~ The Record
Perfect tunes for the holidays. I have the reissue with Fuck Christmas as a bonus track. Classic hardcore from the 80's!

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