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Doodle Crate  Inspiring young makers to learn new art & design skills and build creative confidence. We've moved! ➡️ #DoodleCrate @KiwiCo_Inc

We've moved! 📦 Find us with all our other lines at @kiwico_inc. See you there!

Make your own air-dry clay ghost tealights. 👻 #DIY link in bio.
#kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Creativity blocks happen to everyone including our Doodle Crate product designers. Get your creative juices flowing by switching tasks and letting your mind wander. 💭 #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Glowing Ghosts #DIY (link in bio) 👻 Make the cutest neon ghosts in town.

#kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Creative candle designs🕯 from the @twillburn family! Check out our bio link for other Halloween projects. #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

We love spotting our illustrators' doodles! #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Making memories and paper lanterns! 🏮 (link in bio) 📷@zaniecrafts #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Try your hand at the art of preserving leaves with this leaf mobile #DIY! 🍂 (link in bio)

What's going on? When you preserve a leaf with glycerin, you're replacing some of the water in the leaf with the glycerin solution. As the leaf dries, the water evaporates but the glycerin remains behind. This helps to maintain the leaf's texture and flexibility, so you can display it for a lot longer! #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

We are bubbling with joy! Announcing the newest arrival from the Kiwi Crate Family: Cricket Crate. 🎉 Learn more in our bio link.

A creative Halloween hack, 👻 use hot glue and glitter to design a spooky sign for trick-or-treaters. Behold, the power of a hot glue gun! 😱 #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Just like friendship, hands-on making is magical! ✨ #repost from @blueneon6 #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

Carving Pumpkin Hacks #DIY 🎃 (link in bio) Ready to spice up your pumpkin carving techniques? Try these simple pumpkin carving hacks to take your pumpkin carving to the next level! #kiwicratefamily #doodlecrate

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