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Doodlage  Up-cycled and Recycled Chic. Championing eco fashion and pushing for zero waste.

Client Diaries: @bhavikaxaggarwal in Doodlage denim shirt at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo!
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The feeling of switching from formals to your favourite t-shirt post work is a rare one. This panelled men's piece is cool enough to beat any Monday blues.
For orders, write to us at or DM

Taking care of our own post-production fabric scraps is central to the Zero-Waste movement in fashion. Here is a cushion being made from the leftovers of Doodlage's apparel line.

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Been on your toes all week? Practice your wellness ritual in these made to order patched pants put together from industrial scraps.
For orders, write to us at or DM.


So a little bit of time and creativity gave a rebirth to this pair of jeans. Imagine how many lives you can breathe into a garment by upcycling it and such little steps can save the environment by avoiding landfill dumping.

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Write to or DM to get your favourite clothes upcycled.

We all have that one pair of jeans from our hay days which holds a special place in our wardrobes but a rip here and a gash there rarely let it see the light of the day. Denim is an amazing fabric which deserves a long life. Let's do justice to the tonnes of cotton utilised in making millions of jeans across the world and the farmers who grow it by putting the needle and thread to use, filling in colours wherever required and patching it up if necessary. #LetsRepairMore #SustainableLiving

Today, we collect experiences.
Discover something new with the Cloud Walker tote upcycled from our own post production waste giving a new lease of life to fabrics 🌿

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Client Diaries: @amit_hansraj in Doodlage Menswear
It's a wrap!
Wrapping the week in @doodlageofficial

Moseying around the city in a colour-happy summer dress patched together from industrial scraps

Something really exciting is up our sleeve with @netedotin. Can't wait to share it with you all!


Hang on Friday, will be there in a jiffy 👟
Find this work~play Gingham dress at Aza Altamount. For customisations write to us at or DM


Dear Earth

When our fingers touch, a crackle of electricity passes between us.
(Cathy Cassidy)
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