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Daddii Kosh  Snap: @easymacjr Twitter: @easymacjr Back At It Like I Never Left💪 Understand........... Understood

OMG Kosh🖕🏾💸

Im Done With Swisher Sweets‼️🚫

"Cuddy Pour Up Another 8"😎🖕🏾

Studio With My Niggas

Rise N Shine☀️

We Got The Juice🌊

Its Still No Feelings Over Here❤🚫

Married To The Money💵💍

Dont Think Too Hard Im Jus Flyer Than You🚀🌠

👌Us>>>>>>>>>>> You

Applebees With Bae || 12:56

My Momma Was A Trapper💁💊
My Daddy Was A Trapper👨💰 || What Did You Think I Would Do 💯🏆😥