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Today I caught a few speakers and then hibernated in my room to finish my speech that I give tomorrow morning. I dozed a bit because the jet lag won't let me sleep for more than three hours at a time, and suddenly in the middle of the day a member of the housekeeping crew was standing over me apologizing for waking me up. My first thought when I saw her wasn't, "What are you doing here?" It was, "WHERE IS MARLO AND DOES SHE HAVE SOCKS??"

The view from lunch with a lovely stranger who is no longer a stranger. 🍴

Ran into Jon Snow and Sansa Stark while doing yoga at an ancient church. Zen.

One of my favorite things in life is to walk around new places and take photos. I get to do this all day today, IN MONTENEGRO, and I am so damn grateful to be alive.

Turns out The Balkans just totally suck.

Landing in Frankfurt. The airport here is no joke. They have these signs telling you how long it will take to walk to your next gate and the sign for mine said YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ALONE.

I do not take amazing seventh grade math teachers for granted. And so, thank you, Louise. I'm so grateful you got her jokes.

If I can get her tired enough, maybe she will let me sleep in past 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning. I am a simple woman with very simple desires. Let me sleep, Coco, and I will give you the world.

Leta's school is "up the hill" from where we live, and on the drive there this morning we watched as raindrops turned into giant snowpacks on the cars parked along the street. Every conversation today with anyone in this city started with, "So, where are you moving?"

Today I took Coco for a two-mile walk in honor of maternal health and @everymomcounts and earned an #OrangeRose badge on my #AppleWatch. If you have an Apple Watch, do a walk, run, or wheelchair workout of a mile or more today to unlock this badge. Since it's Mother's Day I asked the girls to join me and they were like, a walk? UGH. They made me cards, WASN'T THAT ENOUGH? 👩‍👧‍👧❤

She told me to post this and hashtag it double glasses. #doubleglasses holy shit that hashtag is actually a thing.

My friends in Utah are far more Southern than I could ever hope to be. @cheekymuffy

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