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Mom Of The Year, right here. Leta found these in a box of art supplies she unearthed after the move. OOPS. Although, I remember getting these as schwag at a mom blogging conference so I am going to blame either @lauramayes or @designmom and forgive myself.

Rain combined with a routine mammogram make for the hottest date I've had in Utah in over a year.

So many emotions tonight as I look at this photo of me and Simon Wheatcroft from exactly a year ago. Tomorrow he will run the Boston Marathon with @teamwithavision and @neil.bacon and I'm equal parts so happy and so gutted I'm not there. The experience and the people- that's why you invest yourself in things. But then your body revolts, pushes back and says, SHIT WOMAN SIT THE FUCK DOWN OR I WILL SHUT YOU DOWN. All the best to him and the team and everyone involved. Such an amazing group of people. I'll be following Simon and Neil (and hi, @samracheljane) with his bib number: 25126. You should, too.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! 💀🙏🐰Gigi on the left is my sister wife's daughter. I do all the laundry and @ivonna.tinkle does all the shopping. We split holiday shit.

We are almost 10 days into this tonsillectomy and still playing pinball between GREAT and ON THE VERGE OF DYING. Leta is letting Marlo borrow her phone to explore Snapchat filters to help distract from the pain, so my Friday night is on point.

We just finished watching the first season of "Felicity" and, wouldn't you know, she was in tears by the end of the episode just like her mother was almost 20 years ago when it first aired. She could watch the first episode of the second season right now and know whether Felicity chose Ben or Noel, BUT IMMA MAKE HER WAIT. I asked her whose team she's on (sign shown here) and just as I took the photo I told her Felicity chose Meghan. Watching these as an adult, that's whose team I'm on.

Yesterday Marlo endured a tonsillectomy, and in the subsequent 24 hours I have witnessed every possible emotion a 7-year-old human can experience. I knew this would be a wild ride, but holy lord. My kid is the most fabulous and hysterical nutter who ever lived. This is one brave girl. And, oh. Look! I have a newly designed space where I am going to write the shit out of this whole thing.

Today I launched a complete overhaul of the design and identity with help from @cooper_house, featuring new family photos by @angiemonson. I've been longing to write again, and there's no better time than now.

I forgive you. ❤

Toyota has let me test drive a Sienna this week leading up to Ballet West's performance of The Little Mermaid today. We'll get to the ballet stuff later because, y'all, I've been driving a minivan. I thought it would feel as gross and uncomfortable as wearing a bow in my hair or, god forbid, a pair of tan pantyhose. But I feel like Noah steering the Ark in this thing! Or Moses parting the Red Sea. We are not giving this thing back. Behold, I have found Jesus.
#ToyotaUSA #LetsGoPlaces

I am letting Leta babysit her sister and friend tonight for the first time for a few hours. When I asked her how they were doing... yeah. I deserve this.

#hairgramming with the new selfie light at the salon today. Seems some customers have requested "alone time" with this light, and I am not even going to entertain what that means. Thanks as always, @emgolie_hair

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