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Don't Tell Summer  ✌️Blog 🌴 Lifestyle ✨Created to inspire you to do what you love now. Join the community #RadLivin US x Aus 🏝 🌙 Greece Guide 👇

England is so cute ✨ (Cameron and Jude, you can come out now). #donttellsummer #dowhatyoulove

"You're never alone." - Words my boyfriend said to me as I questioned where to go next on this adventure. I said I wanted to go and explore somewhere new, and wondered if I would like doing it alone or if I would feel lonely. I told him how I went to Paros, Greece solo the other week and how it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. I was exploring, taking photos and making notes to write for Don't Tell Summer. That's when he said those assuring, confident words - "You will never be alone." He was alluding to the fact that I have an online community; here. This journey is for us - you (being a part of this community) and me - taking risks and doing everything I can to grow into the woman and story teller I want to be. To share my experiences, learnings and this wonderful world with you in hopes that we both continue to say yes to our hearts and our dreams. Thank you for being a part of this community, you mean more to me than you know ✨✌️ - Olivia #donttellsummer #followyourdreams

The first part of the Don't Tell Summer Greece Guide is now live! Starting with the magical island of Milos ✨You know those places that you see and instantly feel drawn to them? That's exactly how I felt about Milos, Greece.
As soon as @ashkatch and I stepped off the ferry from Santorini, I felt a sense of ease, peace and excitement wash over me. We had been staying (basically living) in Ios for two weeks and were ready for a new adventure. We had seen photos of Milos popping up on Instagram and both felt drawn to it. We were greeted by our lovely driver who was ready to take us to our home away from home @santamariavillage. We spent three days exploring as much of this magical island as we could. Full post in bio. #donttellsummer #milos

Be so free ✨#donttellsummer

I love roaming the streets of places I've never been to. My schedule has consisted of roaming, working at cafes, and laughing with new friends and old. If you don't love where you are, make a change. Sometimes even the smallest of shifts can cause a ripple effect of positivity. Much love ✨ #donttellsummer #dowhatyoulove

Cheers to travel, friendship and drinking OJ on the reg. Greece and Italy were incredible. I can't wait to share with you the places we went to (blog posts on Ios, Milos and Paros coming soon). Now, to England ✨🐨 #donttellsummer #dowhatyoulove

New cave, who dis? #donttellsummer

We out here ✌️✌️ #donttellsummer

Wanderlust is at an all time 🙌 @ashkatch just posted her vlog about our recent trip to milos island with @santamariavillage ✨Link in her bio if you feel like checking it out 🇬🇷#donttellsummer #milos

Walking into life like an aperol ✨✈️🍍 #donttellsummer #amalficoast

Them and this brekkie spot is my happiness ✨

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