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James Koch  Bristol based @thegallibristol @suncraftbristol @astraltusk


There's blue sky waiting just behind the clouds. Get well soon Ben

Chandos Rd

Jamaica Street

Oakfield Place

Stokes Croft


Stokes’s Croft, Bristol

Mark at Bristol cenotaph. A former Royal Welsh fusilier, his father sunk German U-boats in WWII, his father's father was at the Somme. A life - a family history - of service, war & extreme violence (his son also now serves). On returning from the Gulf War, Mark became a heroin addict for many years. He's now clean and very happy to chat. He calls his daughter from my phone. I leave him to eat his jam sandwich, Enya's 'Orinoco Flow' on the stereo

St James Barton Roundabout

Jamaican jerk drum. Sunday sights & smells of Stoke's Croft, Bristol

Cotham Hill, Bristol

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