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James Koch  Bristol based

Dormant volcanos that built this land

Daniel, 89, La Santa rogue. Father of 15 boys, hero of a fishing disaster here 50 years ago, former head chef at the fisherman's cafe... and like most chefs I've known, keen on a drink

Skateboard style

Watching Antonio make his 'jolateo' (small metal boats). He's been here for 10 years but perfecting his craft for much longer I suspect. He has ducks and dogs for company.
I see a sign that says: "Jolateo, small metal boats, created from the 40s from emptied drums, that were probably used for oil and other products import. These emptied drums were later used by local people for other purposes, one of these purposes was the jolateo. Originally from Charco de San Ginés, the jolateo was and remains an item for sport and children's leisure, which annually shows this existence in competitive sports, for the days of celebrations but also used to support for larger boats. Small boat that barely requires same tools to build and was become as rare icon of our identity creating one more page in the past and present of our traditions, thanks in large part to the physical conditions in El Charco and the imagination of it's creator, nicknamed El Mudo."

Arrecife chess club. Quietly watched/inspired by the grandmasters

Pitch side

On the road to La Santa

Daisy and Ding Dong. Glittered, gurning, returning to their boat with flowers for their friends

Cabot’s Circus, Bristol


St Paul’s

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