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Donrique  ✖️F.Y.O.P. = fly your own plane ✈️😵 👇“Rollin Train” music video!!!


Officially finished mixing my Wildflower EP in #NYC with the master himself @kenoriole 🎚💻 Took 10 years of practice and dedication to be able to put together a solo guitar project that I'm proud of. I'll be announcing the release date next week!!! 🎸🌼 #fyop #fingerstyle #newyork #indie #acoustic #diy #selfienation

Who knew you could paint with bleach?? 🤔💡...fly your own plane🐴🍭🎩✈️

💥 Ok, so I'm not kidding now, Wildflower EP is finally done being tracked, I went back to @kenoriole 's place and laid down a version of LA Funk. Just gotta mix/master that baby and submit it it iTunes/Spotify. Thinking of doing a video for each song, maybe a tutorial for a few.. what do you y'all think? 🤔 Does anyone even buy CDs anymore?! @talented_musicians @talentedmusicians @amazing.musicians @the_ultimate_guitars @guitarsdaily @guitarsdailyfingerstyle @pickariff @lickwars @guitarists_unite @talentedmusicians @showguitars @taylorguitars @g.tabs @guitarcenter @fender *
#talentedmusicians #amazingmusicians #pickariff #fingerstyle #fingerpicking #acoustic #guitar #fingerstyleguitar #acousticguitar #acousticmusic #steelstringedguitar #lick #riff #acousticworld #guitarworld #playguitar #instaguitar #knowyourtone #song #fyop #acoustic #Musician #Guitar #flyyourownplane

Going up ✈️#FYoP 🎥: @flombardi07726

fly ⭕️ your ⭕️ own ⭕️ plane
who wants some custom @flyyourownplane gear?! 🖐🏻😵

My new baby, what shall I name her?! 😬❤️


What music artists are you all listening to lately❓🎧

Some of you have been asking me how I learned how to play guitar, make beats and mix my music. While YouTube videos were a great source for learning things quickly, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I pretty much learned everything I know about music, art and life from my producer JIM CYMBAL📀🔥. He's been off the grid for the past two years or so practicing Qi-Gong in east Asia, but my heart sank this morning when I woke up to a text from him today saying he's back in the game!!!! 🙌🏻💯 Cant wait to get back in the studio with my boy, he's a fucking legend. For all you music production nerds, here's a quick tutorial from Jim on how to make a reverse cymbal in #Ableton. 📀🎬 #music #production #beats #howto #protools #musicproducer #beatmaker #hiphop #nyc #brooklyn

They say life imitates art. Or is it the other way around? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Most of us live such media saturated lives that we can easily become confused and mystified by where all this "stuff" came from. Who made it? Why? How? -
I think in 2018, the deconstruction of the content and the process behind how it came to be, is just as important (if not more important) than the actual content itself. That's why I decided to start "documenting" instead of "creating" (thanks @garyvee)
Anyways, I'm half asleep and not even exactly sure what I'm rambling on about soooo -->> -
Head on over to my YouTube channel (link in bio) and check out my very first vlog!! Hopefully it sheds some light not only on my personal journey, but the process behind living a life fueled by art, music and flying your own plane.
Let me know what you guys think and what you would like to see next!!

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