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  Austen’s Dad

#goodmorningeveryone One of Austen’s favorite things to do is grocery shopping , but why is he shopping like security is following him! #higuys slow down son!

This is what I call Real Shit! Bars #Repost @therealkiss with @get_repost
I was young and didn’t know how I was gonna do it but thanks to you I did it ! @reallyjaewon Happy birthday son I love you .... go eff up a bag today nothing else better to do 🎉 🎈 🎊

All a little boy wants to do is hang out with his dad, you don’t have to have much to be a good dad in your kids life, create memories, little shit like taking your kid for a hair cut will be memories for life, shout out to all the Step Dads, Foster Dads, and Father figures that step to them plate to make those memories, dead beats you are truly missing out on the best thing in life, it’s never too late to be in your kids life, stop making excuses and do the right thing, your kids need you!

#2soonwithdonnellrawlings Man it really hurts my feelings that my dude @theovon is still in the joint! @kimkardashian please help get my mans home! We need prison reform now! He’s been in the can for 8 hours now and he’s not taking it well. #freetheo stay up my dude! Gang Gang!

@beardedhumor Now that’s a beard son! Don’t be jealous son! Pause!

This could be anybody man! Please write your senators, governors, and booty protectors and demand that my friend be released before he’s stripped of his manhood, nobody deserve this for unpaid tickets! The system needs change! #freetheo #criminaljusticereformnow

This shit is Phucked up! I just saw @theovon last week, now the streets are telling me he might have to do a 2 hour bid upstate! Pray for my homie and Hopefully he comes home a couple minutes early! #stayupson #freeTheo #prisonreform

#2soonwithdonnellrawlings @jaleelwhite before and after the turn up! 🤣🤣🤣 Did I do dat! Noting but love son!

When they don’t want to respect your gangsta!

Good morning everybody Austen and I put together snacks for his flight in the morning everybody, he made some good choices everybody! #snacklife

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