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With the weekend quickly ending, I kind of wish I was in this Cuban man's shoes: basking in the sun, reading the paper, and smoking a cigar (or three!). And I wasn't being creepy, I was just bored and stuck in a four hour line to exchange money!

It's hard to encapsulate 10 days of travel into mere words, especially when in a country like Cuba, but I'm leaving it deeply humbled and with a lot more colour in my photos then I'm used to.

Started 2016 with a road trip through Utah and soon we'll be ringing the new year in, in Cuba! Wishing everyone a happy new year. Here's to more adventures, memories and hopefully more Instagram posts in 2017!

Cooler temperatures in Vancouver have got me thinking about Iceland again. Who am I kidding, I just needed a reason to post this! #JAGDafoss

How did Iceland become a throwback so quickly? Already missing the long sunsets, geothermal pools (real and fake...), and my beans! #JAGDafoss

When life gives you views like this, you keep going until the 23 km trek is over. #JAGDafoss

Our final three days in Iceland has been a whirlwind but I had to share the beauty of the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik! #JAGDafoss

Caught the dreamiest sunset in Iceland last night! Thingvellir, we will always have a thing for you, even if we almost froze during our sleep. #JAGDafoss

Rugged, raw and beautiful. Thanks for the good times West Fjords but we're ready for some real coffee in Reykjavik! #JAGDafoss

The drives in the West Fjords have been long but on the plus side, the naps are longer too! #JAGDafoss

Mars, it's a weird place. Luckily my nose is all congested so I didn't need to spray Axe up my nose. #JAGDafoss

We've seen big ones and small ones and more waterfalls than we could count but this random one we found during one of our drives has been a crowd favourite. And its goofy name just adds to the charm. #JAGDafoss

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