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Donald Munson 


Not on purpose (well kinda on purpose).

Hey look I move!

How is this a thing? My records and books are in trouble. @itsbrendaaa

He won't really let me recreate this photo, this is the closest we've gotten. I'm still pretty obsessed with this little guy.

Cat toys are funny right? @itsbrendaaa

Love him soo much. But can someone please explain to him that he is getting too big? You're only 4 months old, you're not supposed to be standing/holding yourself up.

My 10-11 year old self is soo stoked right now.

Game 2 at 7 weeks #sleepysmushface #letsgooakland

Saturday morning lounging after a long week. It's tough being a baby.

Blurry Birthguay!

I guess it was only a matter of time. #newrevolution #sanders2016

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