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DonJuan Clark  General Manager - Kandi Koated Entertainment @kandi, Entertainment manager and Consultant, Man of God and Phi Beta Sigma "Success is defined by You"



I would rather date someone else because (Stress) and me have a rocky history πŸ‘€

This is me! I say a lot of things but usually when I'm the most frustrated the people close to me know I become silent! I started this when I was younger as I didn't want to say something I couldn't take back so I now internally process it and move forward!


I'm working on being a better me

This is still one of my favorite songs it came on while Im sitting in the office and I lost concentration for a second ... @tamarbraxton πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Still one of the best reads I've had in awhile! @thesharkdaymond thank you for #PowerOfBroke


This was a throwback in my files for around this time a few years ago! Did you all know @kandi wrote this? Have you been through this? Did you take them back? #thereyougo


I couldn't find any of our pictures together so why not post something from us working together! This is a video when @thedjaone was working and passed out and I GOTEM' lol! Hope your day is blessed and you enjoy it man! This dude and I have been blessed to see and be apart of some amazing career things over the years and I'm proud to call him my bro! #famousshit

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