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Elduderino  The Dude, Duder, Dude, His Dudeness or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Freedom of speech has no limits. There is no such thing as hate speech. Only the tyrannical and power hungry would try to limit speech. Beware of anyone who would threaten our right to freely express ourselves. #1A

I forgot to post this yesterday, the anniversary of Rick Monday's "Great Play" at Dodger Stadium. This has to be one of the greatest moments of Dodger history and one of Vin Scully's best calls. With all of the anti-American rhetoric these days, it's a nice reminder of what our country stands for.

The fascists in #Berkeley may have won the battle against free speech today, but they won't win the war. I would relish the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with patriots and veterans to meet those #antifa pussies head on.

Happy Aliens day! #FaceHugger

This Dodge certainly Rammed it!
#IHaveABumperForThat #RogueRacing #Rebel #NeedsARebel

I died.

These mother fuckers got jokes. #Police #Pranksters #420 #HellOfATrap

Oh shit that's funny right there. Communists and faux anarchists are just low hanging fruit on the Joke Punchline tree. Ladies don't forget your shitty dreadlocks like #Moldylocks!

Ladies, if your boyfriend doesn't like hockey, you have a girlfriend.
#BecauseItsTheCup #ImGoodCoach #Stinger #StillGonnaSendIt

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