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Donalyn Ketchum  🌱 Young Living Essential Oils fanatic ❤️ Wellness Educator 🍅 Gardener, 🥘 Food Blogger 📷 photographer ✝️ Jesus lover 🌻 Life is very good indeed.

This year's baby chickens are almost ready for the big coop. For the second year in a row, it looks like we have way more hens than roosters, which is weird, because the law of averages with chickens is 50/50. (if you're local and in need of roosters for your flock, let me know). They are so pretty this year, aren't they?

Our team is SO excited about sponsoring this event! Are you nearby? Well then, come and join us! Saturday Sept 22, from 10 to 2!

Hydrangeas love hot, sticky, rainy, humid weather. They're beautiful this year. This one is a paniculata, 'Little Lamb'. 😍

Ziggy takes on some garden decor. (it took her a good 5 minutes of barking at poor Mr. Fake Turtle to get this close)

Family! We got out the selfie stick and took a dozen family shots and this one is about the best - and I think we look pretty darned good! Love this crazy bunch of people! #family #familytime #familypicture #vacation #familyvacation #summer #upstateny @ellynmel @lnettles1117 @louezej

This can be your time!
To grab a sweet deal and take a step toward wellness. A step toward taking control. A step toward being the wise gatekeeper who knows what they're bringing inside their home.
There is no more important decision, seriously!
Run through my fast class via text to see why this matters so much! (the deal gets sweeter!)
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Just another afternoon in paradise...

Overflow pumpkins and squash. 🍊 We eat a lot of these ourselves, but if you visit Larry's shop in the winter, he always has a pot on the woodstove, cooking the excess for the chickens.
🐔🐔🐔 He's a good chicken Dad! #pumpkins #squash #garden #gardenlife #chickens #backyardchickens #homesteading #homegrown #growyourfood #slowfood #lovemygarden

Did you hear that? I definitely heard something! #ziggydawg

It's been a challenging year for the garden (actually it has sucked, but I try to stay positive on social media 😂), but we're finally getting enough tomatoes to really start canning. Glad we're not doing Farmer's Market anymore - we would have looked silly with 2 tomatoes and a green bean on our table half the summer!