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Donalyn Ketchum  🌱 Young Living Essential Oils fanatic ❤️ Wellness Educator 🍅 Gardener, 🥘 Food Blogger 📷 photographer ✝️ Jesus lover 🌻 Life is very good indeed.

Making this to take to a family dinner tonight - Chili Roasted Butternut Squash. Easy and yummy! Recipe link in profile. #recipe #recipes #food #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodporn #squash #eatyourveggies #homemade #homegrown

My Trader Joe's Christmas Cactus is getting a jump on the holidays!

Miscanthus flowers - it's frosty out there this morning.

Thinking of the sacrifices of Veterans and their families today. And grateful that our daughters and their husbands served and came safely through some pretty tough times.

A tiny baby bracket fungus - so delicate and beautiful.

It's a sad circumstance of our area that family farms are becoming financially untenable. Old barns and out buildings crumble away as they're abandoned to the weather and time. A lot of Amish families are buying up properties, and the full implications of that remain to be discovered. (overall I think it's a good thing) In the meantime, the barns make nice photos. Nothing stays the same. #barns #oldbarns #amish #familyfarm #upstateny #fall

Join us at K's Kitchen in Newark Valley this morning at 9:30 - see you then!

Pretty day along the West Branch of the Owego Creek!

Enjoying the green while there is still some to be found. This false dead nettle stays green until the snow finally gets it. We have no idea where it came from - just started springing up on the creekbank 10 years ago. 😍 Plastered with beautiful yellow flowers in the spring. Have a happy & green day! #upstateny #morningwalk #fall #green #greenthings #wild

I get very attached to our trees. This little oak grew from an acorn foraged in our older daughter's yard in Virginia, and then started in our yard the following spring when our younger daughter was deployed in Iraq. It's symbolic to me of the strength of both of our daughters and the lives they each live now. Oaks grow very slowly in our cold climate, so I've had lots of time to savor my thoughts and memories. #family #oak #oaktree #daughters #memories #momthoughts #fall #leaves

Don't let the rain keep you from voting! #vote #america #usa #northerntiogacounty #upstateny