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... he packed a list of items as long as a genealogy of the first fathers for a simple road trip to the magical point. There may have been way too many things but what was not going to be rescinded was the effervescent spirit that would accompany the travelers soul in this journey. There was a bravery in his smile and confidence in his hair cut that every body wanted, he seemed free... #shrtnvl @visslasurf #creatorsandinnovators

...he answered the phone on the other side of the world. Questions now seemed superfluous once hearing the giddiness in his voice. It would be Spanish sunsets for a while...

...he entered the space with minimal wake as if he were a polite captain in shared waters. He knew what what he wanted and hinged the entire vision on what he was capable of doing from the time spent at sea. With a stark neck tan donned daily he danced silently in his turtle neck letting the music be the master rather than the crowd... introducing @ian.gottron11 #leftfootforward #rideanythingrideeverything @visslasurf photograph @johnnyo_65

shaping yesterday's foam with today's thoughts. In the @visslasurf bay all day again, swing by enter to win a custom shape. #agendashow

...some were still sipping cold coffee wondering if the tide was right. She looked at me smiling in a way we had come to agree was both comfort and love. Grateful for the memories and captivated with design... #shrtnvl @visslasurf #helpingyousurfthewaythatyoustand

the significance of the reality seemed vague, yet there was a sense of meaning wrapped up in his thoughts. A breathtaking view through a fancy tube revealed it was less about this and that but more like the entire concept showing its story in evey way. @visslasurf #cosmiccreek2017 #cosmichermosa trophies 🎵 @philliplarue

...when things were nearing a close and the foundation had long since been seen, the strange rock that had been a misfit all along became a treasure in the builders hands. They enjoyed the view from these windows and the winds blew in from far away while the tunes played loudly in the background with the emphasis on the back beat. Each part stands the test of time when fashioned at the right season for its best intent. #shrtnvl @ivah_the_good #positivevibewarriors @visslasurf #creatorsandinnovators

A few boards I shaped in Australia still available #brinkbloghasstory link in bio. South of Sydney visit @finbox check out a vast array of crafts, chat to Chris and grab a coffee. Headed to Noosa pop in @dessa_store and enjoy the curated collection and tasteful aesthetic. Stay tuned for custom spots available in up coming trips and how to get a sled. Thanks to @visslasurf #burleighheads could tell he wasn't comprehending the science at play, but what could not be denied was the reality of the effectiveness. The change in scenery brought a warm perspective on the experiments underway back at the shore. As if adjusting ones eyes after exiting the dark, things came back into focus, surprisingly the same way. And although some things were dreamed to have been different, there was a comfort in knowing that tasks at hand were honest and aging like a fine wine, with seasons intent and times of patience prescribed. #brinkbloghasstory @visslasurf @dblanc

...he threw the bow line which landed neatly on the dock; except for a small loop that hung over the edge and kissed the water. His heart felt more like a distraction now than an organ as it beat its way into his thoughts that were as vulnerable as the small vestal at sea. The voyage could end immediately and these honest observations would be worth the exercise, yet there was an ocean of adventure ahead, neatly organized in chapters by the snow and the shade. #shrtnvl @visslasurf #happygoluckylog #leftfootforward nine seven and a half

it's fantastic. see you Thursday. @visslasurf

... a simple case of happy go lucky. After the speeches and some house keeping we got to the essence of what we really all came here to discuss. The choice of words to describe the longing forced the room to slow down and soak things in. These minds more like a sponge now agreed and a perspective most of us agreed on was fitting for a season. #shrtnvl @visslasurf #rideanythingrideeverything

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