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DOM BURT  🙋🏼‍♂️ Dominic Burt 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 📚 BU Marketing Undergrad 🏋🏼‍♂️ Bodybuilding

“Day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything’s different”. First year of uni vs final year. Both photos taken at the peak of a bulk. Mad changes in my body comp.
This is why it’s great to take photos as way of allowing for a comparison 📷

#tb to some moody second year condition which I was chuffed with. Ft. @jay_way94 -
The cut has well and truly started (we’re 5lbs down) but I’m seeing this as the diet BEFORE the diet, focussing on building the daily habits and routines which helped me get to that place last time round. -
Also, does anyone else find that when they get lean they generally just become a sick guy at everything? I certainly do, and I think it’s called ‘domain transference’ - the idea that you start doing better in other areas of your life. I think this is why for many the off season becomes a struggle because you feel that those same other areas will now start to see a performance decrease. Just my thoughts 💭 -
be interesting to see what I look like now following a year with a heavy focus on progressive overload!

A great post from Aadam here (@physiqonomics) -
For all of you looking to lose weight/be fitter/be stronger in 2018, understand this: you will not adhere to drastic diet plans or workouts a few months down the line. -
Excerpt from Aadam’s new blog post, here: “The red line represents Person A: This is the person who starts a new fitness plan and goes all out. They drastically cut calories; restrict all their favourite foods; stop going out with friends; start training 7x/week.

They make some progress at the start but eventually hit a wall and as their enthusiasm and energy start to fade, so does their progress. And they quit.

The blue line represents Person B: This is the person who starts slow. They set a reasonable deficit they can adhere to, they only go to the gym 3x/week because it’s what makes sense for them and their schedule, they still go out with friends on the weekend, and enjoy their favourite foods now and again.

Person B may not be making progress as fast as Person A, but because they’ve made sensible choices that they can stick to, it allows them to be consistent; and as the graph shows, they end up making more progress in the long run”

Everything pictured here will be incredibly useful to my progress with this cut. Lessssssgo

Just finishing up a superb session at @majesticgyms -
Trained legs and boy oh boy I’ve never seen such an abundance of leg machines.. was like a kid in a candy shop 🍬 -
Good to catch up w @missalexevans and chat to @joshhhbailey briefly too #TeamCamo -
Supposedly walking round gunwharf quays tomorrow however I might have to arrange for a wheelchair if the leg DOMS are anything to go by -
Will be coming back here in 2018 for sure. ✌🏼

Pull session pump: the return of Dom B

This was tasty 😋🥜

The heaviest I’ve ever been, for sure
Lacking routine and willpower with this cut and therefore I’m still looking like ass
Domyouevenlift v2.0 pending


Got my hands on some ice cream rolls courtesy of @chopperwhoppers 😋🍦
Reeses and PB hit the spot 🥜
These guys are down in Bournemouth today at the triangle and tomorrow for the day of the dead festival in Landsdowne. Be sure to swing by!

Delts are about to fall off. Mummy or ambulance 🚑 -
📸: @harrison_casella

Final push of this programme
1 upper and 1 lower session before a deload week and after that I’ll be reverting back to PPL
This alongside with a slight drop in calories should yield a large difference in expenditure
Let’s get leaaaaaaaaaaan

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