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DOM BURT  🙋🏼‍♂️ Dominic Burt 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 📚 BU Marketing Undergrad 🏋🏼‍♂️ Bodybuilding

Enjoying snacks in the cinema and maintaining the deficit 😎 #deadpool2

This is where we’re at. Shreds soon come. #mysportbu

Mine are people leaving their weights on equipment after they’ve finished using it or having a lack of personal hygiene. What are yours?

This is by no means an impressive lift (3x15 @ 100kg), however it was only a few months ago that I partially tore my ACL and MCL from playing football. So bare in mind, I haven’t squatted properly since then. This exercise has really helped me build up strength in the joint and I’ve managed to overload it as the weeks have gone by. Before working with @bodybycontrol I hadn’t fucked wth these before but with more practice I’d like to think I can get some impressive numbers out of it.
PS ladies if you want a bigger/more toned bum and you aren’t doing these in the gym then GET TO KNOW


Strength still going up al the whilst bodyfat is going down - ideal

Getting the expenditure up before a family BBQ this afternoon with probably the coolest machine I’ve ever used... a weighted farmers walk treadmill thingy 😂?? solid sessions in the books down at @undergroundgymbtn with @thdeacon. We hit a push session and then burnt cals on the machine shown, stepper and did a circuit on the assault/death bike and ski erg. Something I’ve spoken about recently with @cammackaypt is switching your training up and I think it’s great to incorporate different styles of training (but obviously this is completely down the goal of the individual!!) Now time for a bagel 🤤

And here I was thinking the Taylors range stopped at level 6 with hot java lava 🤦🏼‍♂️

So this is where we’re at! •
Woke up at 80.3kg this am and am looking to get this week’s average in the 79s. •
Training is going really well. Off to train legs in a bit. ACL is nearly fully recovered too so I can start adding some weight to my squats again rather than just performing them at bodyweight •
Have a sick week everyone 👊🏼

@syattfitness has hit the nail on the head here •
I’m just trying to tick the boxes each day think about making each day count, all the whilst keeping in mind the longer term goal in mind

MASSIVE congrats to @sihook at the @ukbff_official south coast show yesterday •
This guy has an insane work ethic and looked great yesterday. 2/3 more weeks of prep and we’d have come away with a different result but prep is a learning curve and something that you’ll only get better at doing with time and practice (not speaking from experience lol maybe one day!)

On another note, does anyone else’s motivation shoot through the roof after watching a show? Mine does! (SWIPE RIGHT)

This is where we’re at

Macros roughly 270 carbs, 150 protein and 65 fat. 12,000 steps each day minimum.

I’m starting to enjoy the process again. I’ve also noticed a very late jump in my training intensity

I feel like this is my only problem with the logbook. Some days you feel like you can give more but then are restricted to your numbers that you need to hit - and you don’t want to give any more because then your next session will be unrealistically hard and unattainable (speaking from the POV of someone in a deficit)

@jamiedorego touched on something similar in his rego raw vlog the other day

@bodybycontrol let’s get it! 👊🏼

Have you ever seen a face you wanted to punch more 😂

on a serious note I urge you all to give blood. This was my 5th time and it’s incredibly rewarding

Like, unless you have a legitimate reason for not giving blood then sort your shit out

Ps the NHS is just an incredible service. Credit where credit is due.

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