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Dominique  I💗Jesus| Married| Mommy| Texan| 🇺🇸| Pro2A| I Like Makeup💄💋| Amateur Photographer📷.. 💌Domloveschris21@gmail.com

Did a Rose Gold look! Sorry I've been MIA, just dealing with some health issues and trying to figure out what's going on. Thanks for understanding! I'll have the details and products list for this look posted later.❤️❤️❤️

✨Gold Vibes✨ Some favorites of mine as of late 😍. I hope you all are having a phenomenal weekend!! ❤️

Using all @makeupgeekcosmetics Shadows for this look. I'll have more details up soon. Going to take the little ones shopping today. Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade and tinted brow gel.. Both in the shade "Chocolate". Lashes are @houseoflashes "Noir Fairy". Mascara is @tartecosmetics "Gifted". No Eye liner for today. 😊

I totally almost forgot it was THURSDAY! A few posts back I mentioned sharing accounts of those 5k followers or less, every week (Tuesday's & Thursday's). So here is my share for today ✨@visamona ✨ She is absolutely Stunning!! I love all of her looks! Be sure to show her some love and give her a follow! 😱😍❤️❤️

EOTD. I was lazy today, I also nixed the eye liner. I used the @loraccosmetics Unzipped Palette for this whole look. Quick, simple & easy neutral eye. It was perfect for today because me and my husband spent it doing some shopping. Lashes are @houseoflashes "Iconic". Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills "Chocolate" Dipbrow pomade, brow wiz and tinted brow gel. I went with @urbandecaycosmetics "Perversion" Mascara on my lashes. 😊

I am Not one for Selfies! But.. I LOVE my hair!!! Yup.. I'm using a filter because it makes my uncooperative skin look great. 🎀🎀

So.. Yesterday, this happened! I had locked in my appointment a few weeks ago, but yesterday was THE day!! Over 12+ inches Gone! I didn't want to mention I was chopping off my hair because a lot of people usually try to talk me out of it, it never fails. I'm getting used to my shorter locks, but other than that I freaking LOVE it!! I made the choice to go through with it because I really really wanted to donate it. My hair grows pretty fast and it's super thick, which is a blessing. But I wanted it to be a blessing to others. So I also made the choice to donate it too. As you guys know, my mother has stage 4 Breast cancer & was diagnosed in October. She lost her hair because of a stronger more aggressive form of chemotherapy. Mom, I love you so much.. You're the strongest person I know!! I have to say, I feel so much lighter, I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair... My husband is certainly OBSESSED with it.. It was a dream come true for him. Lol. I'll definitely be posting an "After" pic soon! 🙈❤️🎀🎀🎀🎀

I suck at two person selfies! Took advantage of the gorgeous weather! Got in some range time this weekend, felt good to start training again! Always nice to be instructed by the pros! I got to zero in my rifle as well! 💥🔫😎

My EOTD. A Simple eye and Flirty Style lashes. I usually go light On my brows when I'm in a rush, I start by using my @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow wiz pencil in "Chocolate" and blending that in with the spooly brush.. I Take some Tinted brow gel also in "Chocolate" to set them and give them a little bit of volume.. But, if I want extra volume.. I do use a lash primer, so thought I'd throw a little tip your way if you want to add volume to your brows. Today I meddled around with my @toofaced #Chocolatebarpalette "Salted Caramel" as my transition color. "Milk chocolate" & "Semi-sweet" in the crease. "Marzipan" & "Creme Brulee" on the lid. "champagne truffle" on the inner corners of my eyes I added a slight touch of "hazelnut" on the lower lash line too. Lashes are @houseoflashes "Iconic" mascara is @tartecosmetics "gifted". I believe that's about it as far as products go. 😘

I love love LOVE this look!! 😍 Sharing an artist and fellow makeup lover, of the day! (I Will be doing this kind of stuff every Tuesday & Thursday! And not just makeup posts either) if you've read my last post, you know why. Anywho, @shandellalexis_ lists the product details on her page, so go over and show @shandellalexis_ some love and give her a follow! ❤️😍😍👆👆

One last shot of Yesterday's eye of the day (EOTD). I spent some of today showing my husband how instagram worked.. It was interesting! We ran lots of errands and did some shopping as well, lol, I'm totally exhausted! Anyway, Every week I want to try sharing some new artists, preferably those 5k and under. Everyone deserves a shot at getting noticed and some recognition, I also believe this about a few small companies out there. So, I am hoping to share new work Every Tuesday or Thursday, at random.. If you know someone who deserves some recognition also, let me know, I'll be happy to check them out! I may also start sharing more than just makeup pages. I Hope that's alright! Well that is it for me today, Goodnight everyone! Gonna go put in a movie, have a beer or two and hang out with my Man. 😘

Hi!! The 🍀 St. Patty's Day look I went with today. I will have more details up soon. I used some of the same products as yesterday.. Only I used @shopvioletvoss "Geri" Glitter on top of @sugarpill "Goldilux" eyeshadow. Yeah, I'm definitely liking the outcome. Oh and I used @houseoflashes "Iconic" lashes this time too. Have a great day!! ❤️❤️

Green and some Gold. Not the best shot, but I Had time to do a quick wearable St. Patrick's Day look before tomorrow 🍀. I even added some Sparkle/Glitter. Shot this in natural lighting today. Someone got home a few weeks earlier than expected, So I didn't get the chance to do what I had planned as far as makeup looks go. I was planning a surprise homecoming and little did I know my Significant other had a surprise for us, so I've been very very busy catching up with my guy.. He's off of work this month so we will be vacationing and adding some new features to our home. Anyway, I did this look using a lot of eyeshadows! For the neutral eyeshadows I used my Lorac pro palette, my Amrezy palette, and the Toofaced Chocolate bar palette. For the Greens I used Makeup Geeks "Dirty Martini" MAC's "Swimming" & Urban Decays "Dragon" eyeshadows. Pretty sure I also used "Gilded Ganache" from my Chocolate Bar palette on the outer lid. For the golds I used @sugarpill "Goldilux" Eyeshadow, added some @shopvioletvoss Glitter Adhesive on top and topped it with some @shopvioletvoss "Golden Fairy" Glitter. lashes are from @houseoflashes in the style "Pixie Luxe" brows are all @anastasiabeverlyhills products, dipbrow pomades in "Chocolate" & "Soft Brown" set with tinted brow gel in "Chocolate" liner is @stilacosmetics and mascara is @tartecosmetics "Gifted". ❤️

🙌 These lashes though! @blinkingbeaute style "Samantha" Mink lashes (Named after the Lovely and talented @ssssamanthaa) are giving me life right now! Love them!!! ✨In Depth Details are in the previous post✨. I'm on my last nerve with IG... it keeps crashing on me today, and bad. I've tried getting this post up, all day. For this look I used @toofaced Chocolate Bar Palette. Eyes are primed with @urbandecaycosmetics Anti-Aging Primer and I used @Nyxcosmetics "Sparkling nude" on my lid to help the Shadows adhere, and used the shadows on my lid, with a damp brush. On my waterline is @revlon bronze color stay eye pencil. Brow products are all from @anastasiabeverlyhills.

Okay.. Praying this works (had problems uploading). I used the @toofaced original #Chocolatebarpalette my transitions colors were "Salted Caramel" & "Strawberry Bon Bon". I layered "Milk Chocolate", "Semi-Sweet" & "Triple Fudge" in the crease and outer v area. I used "Haute Chocolate" on the outer lid and some in the middle. I applied "Crème Brulee" on the inner half of my Lid and blended it into the "Haute Chocolate" with a damp brush. For my brow bone and inner corner highlight, I used both "White Chocolate" & "Champagne Truffle". I mixed @anastasiabeverlyhills "Soft Brown" & "Chocolate" Dipbrow on my Eyebrows. And I set them with her Tinted brow gel, also in chocolate. Lashes are "Samantha" lashes from @blinkingbeaute .. I have to say.. These lashes.. My goodness!! They are the BOMB! Liner is from @stilacosmetics Intense black waterproof liquid liner. Mascara is from @tartecosmetics in "Gifted"

Anyone else having problems with IG not wanting to process your photos? It's making me angry because the App keeps crashing. Sheesh. I've tried to get this one up, like 4 times. I was going to say I did a look using these babies & the chocolate bar palette. It's a closed eye shot.. The other photos will need to be color corrected as they have a greenish yellowish cast, those will be up tomorrow. The closed eye shot I took with regular lighting.. The others I did using my ring light. Anyway, the look is getting up late not only because of IG crashing on me, But my daughter stayed home from school sick. And you guys know, my family is my number one priority. I did do the look while she went to bed, that's why I used the ring light tonight. Natural lighting is best for me for right now. Anyway, if this uploads I'll try to get the other pic of the look up too.

Experimenting with different angles. Not sure I like it, but I don't mind posting it. I really like these lashes though. This was A look I did awhile back using @makeupgeekcosmetics pigment in "Enchanted" and MUG Eyeshadows. Lashes are @houseoflashes "Pixieluxe" 😊

So Fancy. JHP my favorite. I've been away prepping for a homecoming shindig, so I want to apologize for that.. Man, do I have serious butterflies in my tummy! Eeeek!

I think Anyone who follows this lovely gal can tell you... She's downright Aaaaamazing! She's almost at 1 million followers, which is so exciting because it's very well deserved! She's awesome, so freaking hilarious, very sweet, humble and I'll add that she is insanely gorgeous! She also has the Coolest hair! She's a boss! I'm so excited for you @ssssamanthaa!!!! I Love this girl! Be sure to check out her page and give her a follow! 😍😘

How Awesome is this? A follower of mine did a recreation of a look I had done not too long ago! You did an Amazing job, I LOVE it!! Be sure to Go give her a follow! ❤️❤️ @makeupmermaidrhirhi 😍😍😍 if you recreated a look of mine, be sure to Tag me so I can check it out!💋💋

Someone asked for a closed eye shot.. I didn't take one, but I have a Semi-Closed shot, I hope it helps. Product Details are in the last post. I used the @tartecosmetics #Tartelette Palette. All matte shades! And @houseoflashes #BohemianPrincess False Lashes. Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills products.

A Weekend Matte EOTD. My daughter broke the bulb in my ring light.. She knocked it over, running into it. So I'm using another bulb that came with it.. I need to order another one, soon. This spare bulb I have is not the same color as the last one. My munchkin is okay, but sure did learn her lesson. When momma tells you not to run in the house, kids, you LISTEN lol. Anyway, I used the @tartecosmetics #Tartelette palette. Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow & Tinted brow gel in the colors "chocolate" lashes are @houseoflashes #Bohemian Princess and mascara is @urbandecaycosmetics "Perversion" . I lined my waterline with @benefitcosmetics "EyeBright" pencil. Liner is @stilacosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in "Intemse Black".

RED Friday! Until they all come home. I LOVE my shirt!! If you're wondering where I purchased this Tee, it's from @redwhiteblueapparel 🙏❤️🇺🇸 #SupportOurtroops!!

Whoa Baby, These Nails are Sick!!! Haha, I Couldn't think of a better way to show them off 😉! Ladies, in case you're wondering what this is, it's just a fancy part that goes into my Rifle, unless you're like me and totally into that sort of thing?

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