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That time we walked thru the field of terror

This month marks 1year living with autonomic nervous system dysfunction which has resulted in POTS symptoms. This includes lightheadedness, fainting, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath ,numbness of face/limbs, leg tremors , stomach issue/pain , extreme weakness/fatigue , low blood pressure ( positional ), chest pain and a bunch of other nasty symptoms that don't let up, not even for a few minutes. Is anyone suffering from or knows of someone suffering with this type of condition ?Looking for people similar to me that have lived a bodybuilding lifestyle and suspect their endocrine system may have played a part in all this. I've worked with many doctors and continue to do my own research. Would love to find someone who has beaten it.
#dystomnia #automicnervoussystem #POTS

Happy Bozworth ( birthday) to @tank.sinatra as you grow another year older may your memes be plentiful and your penis never flaccid. Enjoy your bday meebeth.

TBT Ego stroke: 2014 photo shoot with runway model Ava Smith @avasmithofficial for TWELV magazine @twelvmag

Treasure your Trash, it's yours

I didn't bomb often but glad u salvaged an old pic from 1996 @themzarecta I've known you over 20 something years and lately I can't help but think about all the pain you've endured these last few months. I find strength in your perseverance. Keep your head up Miz. @themzarecta

Tbt the old kindergarten crew : Pam, Ian and Big Manley Brown

TBT 12 months ago eating cake and drinking coffee with the cousins

Happy bday Aunt Ro. Thank you for all the love you've given all of us. RIP❤️ @piatrap

Happy Father's Day Dad (Jaime Midnight)


Photo credentials: @aaron.nyc

Want to wish a very happy birthday to @susiekantarcohen . I truly gained a new best friend when the guy in the background of this picture married you. @aaron.nyc Good looking on the new addition to the crew.
Sue I wish you nothing but happiness , health and patience with the A1 beef cake @aaron.nyc
Happy birthday SUE!!! P.s. - Peace to my forehead and zoolander in the back.

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