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Domino Kirke  Mum, Musician, Doula, Birth Educator, co-director/co-founder @carriagehousebirth NY/LA ⚪️ co-founder/ co-director @grandsthealing

I don’t love this pic of myself, but my mum gave me this jacket, and I love my mum #sothere #canttakeitoff #thanksmum 🌈

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@carriagehousebirth is offering classes at @grandstreethealing • MEET THE DOULA’s of
Carriage House Birth
August 19th
6pm -7:30pm
Walk Ins Welcome
Sign up at • Healing Womb Space - Tangible Honoring of Loss with Renewal
Aug 22nd
6:30-8:30pm • Twin Magic w/ @doulabliss
Sept 8th
$200 • Infant CPR
Sept 9th
W/ @commonsensecpr $85 per person • Newborn Care and Beyond
Sept 15th
$175 • Sleep Guidance For Newborns
W/ @newparentsjourney
Sept 22

Sign up at:

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Happy Birthday @gregmorrisphotographer
I love you, my brother.
You’re really old now. #40

Preparing for Birth Should Include Preparing for Loss: A Training for Birth Doulas w/ @ihadamiscarriage
12pm - 2pm
@grandsthealing $30 suggested donation

Hosted by @ihadamiscarriage and @carriagehousebirth
Jessica Zucker is a Los Angeles-based psychologist specializing in women's reproductive and maternal mental health. Jessica specialized in this field long before experiencing a 2nd trimester miscarriage firsthand. In 2014, she launched the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign with the aim of shifting the antiquated silence and stigma that shroud this topic.

#carriagehousebirth #ihadamiscarriage #grandsthealingproject #doula #stillborn #miscarriage #SIDS #infantloss #birth #postpartum (Message us at info@carriagehousebirth to sign-up)

This one took my breath away tonight.
I love you, Lola.
People, this record is a 💎 #heartheadwest #lolakirke

Come hang with me today 🙌 #carriagehousebirth

A few days after giving birth to my son, I was hospitalized for 10 days for a severe #Cdifficle infection. I was put in an isolation room where only my family could see me. I pumped my breast - only one was working - and sent milk home. I was very lucky to have had solid time with my son before the infection took hold. His latch was strong, and I had a good supply. I’d received acupuncture a few days postpartum because I was turning green and had a fever that was climbing. The acupuncturist said that I could’ve died in the night with an infection that severe. I know it was the fear and separation from my child so early on in his life that catapulted us into the feeding journey we ended up having. So in hindsight #cdiff was an incredible gift! As a doula, I’ve witnessed parents give up on their breast (chest) feeding journeys because it was more triggering and more challenging than even the birth itself - the pressure women feel to feed with their own milk in our society can be immense. I've seen people power through with all that they had to make it happen. I’ve witnessed real strength and courage in a person that said “you know what, this just isn’t for me. I’m no less of a parent, I just know myself.” I’ve seen incredible parents whose milk did not come in make the decision to get milk from a milk bank and be ultimately OVERCOME with gratitude. If you got to feed from your body, someone else’s, or formula feed you’re child, you have won! That bond you form from simply spending the TIME with that child is ENOUGH! I was blessed to be able to breastfeed my son for over four years. But if I had not ENJOYED it, and instead felt too charged, challenged and overwhelmed by the process, then it wouldn’t have had the impact it did on our relationship. It would’ve left a negative and confusing imprint on him, no matter how well nourished he was. I believe this with all that I am. #love
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If THIS doesn’t resonate, then, well, we’re screwed . ♻️🌀🔄 rg @reclaimyourpower #ancestraltrauma

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