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Hello Beautiful Eco Earpers!
@greensyourcolour has been so kind as to donate 15% For each bottle sold to Start The Wave so that we can expand this beautiful community.
If you haven’t already made the switch to a Reusable Water Bottle pretty please add ‘startthewave’ under the notes section at checkout.
I assure you that anything we receive will go straight back into growing this exciting new movement.
Many Thanks!
Dominique x
Start The Wave 🌍

🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁The moment every Earper has been waiting for.... WYNONNA EARP SEASON 3 Premieres Friday, July 20 at 9/8c on SYFY !!!!!!!!!
The perfect Comicon Weekend Screening. Wahhh! #WynonnaEarpSeason3 #LiveTweetingBeginsAgain #SeeYouThereEarpers 💥

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on Wynonna Earp Season 3!! What an adventure it has been. Thank you to @unicorndepot for being such a gem of a human and letting me be a part of this beautiful family. ❤️
And thank you to our AMAZING crew for all your hard work - this show would not be the same without you. Till next time ☺️#AllTheFingersAndToesCrossed #DontCountYourChickens #ButPleeeeeease #WynonnaEarp

Thank you so much to all the Earpers who donated to the World Land Trust!! 🌱💚
This honestly was the best birthday present I could have wished for.
You know me so well!
Sorry this post is a little delayed, I’ve been working like a crazy bean to make Season 3 as Epic as possible!
Love you all xo
#StartTheWave #EarpersRule #BetterLateThanNever #EcoEarpers

Remember when I was a terrible human and forgot to post these pictures!
Well better late than never eh?! Soowweeeee ❤️ Beautiful souls, thank you for being open, sharing your stories and starting my day off right at ClexaCon 2018. #BreakfastWithMyBuddies #ClexaCon #WynonnaEarp

Photo Stolen from Mr Rozon.
Thanks for a great day at Calgary Expo!! ⛰
Earpers, you really are a beautiful bunch. ☺️
#WynonnaEarp #CalgaryExpo

Good Morning Ladies! This one’s for you.


It’s time to take back our periods!

Regardless of how you identify, we can all agree that periods can be tricky little buggers.

Today I want to open the dialogue about an alternative Sanitary product that you may or may not have heard of - The Mooncup.

Due to its very nature as a non-disposable product, corporations have no incentive to promote it.
By making the change to the Mooncup today, you can end the use of all those disposable sanitary products and Take Back Your Period.
Head over to @start_the_wave for the full video!


Head over to @start_the_wave to join our Community for Positive Change!
Happy Earth Day 2018!
May this day be a reminder to continue striving for a Better World filled with compassion, love and especially understanding.
The actions I’ve been witnessing on #StartTheWave have been so inspiring - thank you all for being willing to listen and so keen to make change.

The small steps we take absolutely make all the difference.
We are creating a New Future - A Conscious World... A Happy Earth.
I’m so excited to see where this movement grows! 🌍


Calgarian Earpers!! See you soon!!! ✨⭐️✨
April 29th at Calgary Expo! Yay! Xo

Happy Monday Everyone!


Veganism - A scary word for some.

But a very important conversation nonetheless.

Fear not, there is absolutely no guilt tripping involved in this video, simply questioning.

The world desperately needs to lower their collective meat consumption for this planet to survive.
Watch this video to understand the damaging effects of the meat and dairy industry.

Head over to @start_the_wave for the full video!


#Repost @start_the_wave - Head over there for Full Post!

Lower your Carbon Footprint by Shopping Second Hand! ♻️ It’s time we say NO to Fast Fashion!
That’s what @katbarrell and I did at ClexaCon 2018 - to find out more head to @start_the_wave (Instagram)
@StartTheWave (Twitter) and YouTube to see the videos!
Here is my Second @clexacon Look - THRIFT OUTFIT!
This was my favourite outfit of the weekend. Especially my $3.99 jacket - what a bargain!
Kat and I challenged ourselves to an outfit under $50 and so, this is it!
I got my whole outfit for $37.96... Success!
It’s not hard to find a great ‘thrift look’ without spending too much AND the best thing is the proceeds go to a Charity or Non-Profit Organisation.
Thrifting, in my opinion, is THE WAY FORWARD - you may have to dig a little deeper but it’s so rewarding!
Dress - $13.99
Shoes - $14
Jacket -$3.99
Necklace - $3.99
Earrings - $1.99
TOTAL - $37.96

Thank you to all those willing to listen and open their minds to new ways of thinking.
It’s so inspiring to see how many people want to join us in changing our habits, to make this world a better place.
For more information on the Fast Fashion Industry please watch ‘The True Cost’ - a heartbreaking documentary which can be found on Netflix.
#WeAreTheChange #StartTheWave #SecondHandShopping #SecondHandWave ♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️

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