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Dominion Movement  Filmmakers use hidden cameras and aerial drones to investigate the dark side of animal agriculture.

Repost and photos @bearwitnessaustralia An action this morning coordinated by Bear Witness Australia and Aussie Farms had around 60 activists from six states converge on the Luvaduck abattoir in Nhill, Victoria. We occupied the rooftop with large banners and formed a large circle in the unloading dock where shell pools were filled with water, ducks were removed from the slaughter line to swim for the first time in their lives.
Denied water for their entire 7 week lives, ducks commonly have issues with their legs due to having to bear their weight where they would ordinarily float on water when given the choice, and nose and eye infections from not being able to dip and clean their faces in water.
Although these aquatic birds had never before been provided with surface water, today within moments of being placed into the shell pools the ducks were dipping, swimming, dunking, grooming and all round joyfully playing in the water.
Drawing to the end of the action we asked to take the ducks that we have provided the water for, rather than having them sent back to the kill line, but Luvaduck refused to let us spare any of the ducks. Heartbroken by the prospect of leaving our new much happier friends to their fate- we didn't.
At risk of arrest the 60 activists grabbed the swimming ducks and ran them into the field and into vehicles to safety- 19 lives were saved.
We ask, can you really Luvaduck if you kill a duck? See inside this facility with hidden camera footage that shows ducks having their throats cut fully conscious.
Witness #1, Witness #5 and Witness #6

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Free-range hen rescue by “Adelaide Animal Save Whilst out on a drive Sheridan and I (Chloe) drove past a free-range egg farm. As I glanced over I noticed a man throwing live chickens into large bins. We quickly turned the car around, I got out and asked the man if he would allow us to take some, he agreed to let us take 8 of the chickens to safety.
I asked him what exactly was happening to the chickens in the bins and he informed us that they were being put into the bins to be gassed to death. Chickens on egg farms whether they be free-range, battery or anything in between are routinely killed at 18 months of age when they are considered 'spent'- no longer producing enough eggs to be economically viable to keep. Just by chance, we happened to stumble across this culling in process.
We left with the chickens, excited that 8 lives had been saved but feeling guilty that bins full of chickens were still left behind.
We decided to contact Lissy and Dillon to ask for some help and made the decision that we would all go together and ask the owner if we could rescue more. The owner agreed and was gracious to let us take and re-home as many as we could. In two cars we managed to fit around 140 hens, and spent the rest of the night delivering them to homes and sanctuaries who welcomed them.
Anyone who doubts this practise or the age the hens are killed, feel free to read the industry’s own guide stating all that we saw and have said here;” 📷 - @lissyvjayne and @dillon_condor

Big day at the World Vegan Day Melbourne festival. Thanks everyone who came to say hi and helped us out working the stall :)

As of Wednesday October 10, Dominion will become free, forever, at #dominion #wewillrisetogether #free

We've had numerous requests for this shirt to be added to the online store after they quickly sold out during the screening tours. Here they are! :)

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On Friday 21 September, 23 activists peacefully occupied the roof of Strathalbyn abattoir in South Australia for 17 hours, to draw attention to the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture and the myth of 'humane slaughter'. Since 2011, 19 Australian slaughterhouses have been exposed for animal cruelty, much of it legal and industry-standard. This was just one of those facilities.
Through peaceful, non-violent occupation, we were able to shut down the slaughterhouse for the day, rescue a sheep from death, and force the reality of animal agriculture into the mainstream, with repeated coverage throughout the day on channels 7, 9, 10 and ABC, and numerous online news outlets.
See the footage from this facility at, or from all 19 at For a comprehensive overview of modern animal agriculture, check out Dominion: Documentary.


Photos by @lissyvjayne #wewillrisetogerher #dominion #australia

Thanks for your support everyone :) Watch Dominion now at
Photo by @lissyvjayne taken at @signal_hill_sanctuary #thankyou #dominion #sheep #photography #rescue

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No, he's not the Dominion: Documentary poster calf, but he might as well be. He is the Strath calf, from Strathalbyn slaughterhouse in South Australia who featured on the 7x8m poster of the roof the action by Aussie Farms and Adelaide Animal Save last Friday.

He, as well as the Dominion poster calf were waste products of the dairy industry, just two of the 500,000 male calves killed every year in Australia, for the crime of being born male and therefore not able to produce milk. I met each of them here, on the cold metal floor of a slaughterhouse holding pen awaiting their deaths the following morning.
The Strath calf as seen here was so very young and weak. I suspected not more than a few days old and would have likely never even fed from his mother in his entire brief live before he was taken here to be killed.
You are gone now, but you will not be forgotten.
After all the tragedies captured at this facility, including this calf’s own death (see investigation at, there was but one silver-lining. Last Friday after being on the roof for 17 hours refusing to leave until one animal was surrendered to be spared from slaughter, one sheep was released to us. She is now at a farm animal sanctuary where she will be able to life out her natural live.
Witness #1

See more at: #bearwitnessaustralia #bearwitness #calf #dairy #photography

Activists occupy rooftop of Adelaide slaughterhouse
Activists from three states have converged this morning on the Strathalbyn abattoir, occupying the
rooftop with large banners and protesting outside the entrance. The action, coordinated by animal
rights organisations Adelaide Animal Save and Aussie Farms, follows the release last month of
hidden camera footage captured inside the facility (, depicting the drowning
of pigs in a scalding tank, frequent poor stunning of pigs, sheep and cattle, and other abject cruelty
considered “standard” in the animal agriculture industry.
The protest aims to draw attention not just to this particular footage, but to the inherent cruelty of
the industry and the myth of humane, ethical slaughter. Since 2011, a total of 19 slaughterhouses
across Australia have been exposed for animal cruelty by hidden cameras, all visible at
This industry has hidden in secrecy for too long.
Consumers have a right to know what they’re paying for when they purchase meat, dairy and egg
products. Hidden camera footage has proven to be the only alternative to the happy imagery and
feel-good buzzwords forced on them daily through clever marketing. The reality behind the neatly
packaged products on supermarket shelves is the brutal slaughter of an animal who desperately
didn’t want to die.

Today, we’re here to bear witness to this reality – we plan to remain on the rooftop until the day’s
slaughter has concluded, or until we’re allowed by management to enter the facility with cameras. #wewillrisetogether #strathmeats #adelaide

He was killed at a small, country, local, Adelaide Hills slaughterhouse.

There was just six calves in the pen that day- three black and white Friesians and three tiny, frail brown Jerseys. As Friesian and Jersey are dairy breeds of cattle, these baby boys are considered useless given their inability to produce milk and thus are sent here to be killed.

This one barely a few days old, likely to have never been with his mother long enough to even have a single feed in his life, was so weak he could hardly stand. When it was time for him to be killed the worker pushed and carried him by his tail through the pathway the led to the knock box. His feet slipped- still learning how to walk and stand.

When he reached the knock box he tried to back away having seen the two other calves with him go in and not come out, but the worker pushes harder on his back until he is forced in to his death.

See it all at;

Photo- Animal Liberation #dominion #wewillrisetogether #calf #dairy #baby

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