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Dominick Nicolai  22 | Strong Lift Wear | 1Up Nutrition Athlete 1 ON 1 COACHING👇🏼

BCAAs become especially important to me when I get to the lower levels of body fat like I am now. I use @1upnutrition BCAAs (Cola or Watermelon are my favorites)
Either when I’m hungry and can’t eat yet or before/during a workout!

Kneeling Straight arm push downs. Great exercises for lat width from the front and the back 💪🏼

Ive spoke on this supplement before and I don’t recommend anyone to take a double doses of any supplement. However, I started taking a total of 4 capsules of @1upnutrition Protest, for one main reason. The 5 a Hydroxy-Laxogenin in this product drastically increases Protein synthesis within the body.
In other words your body will metabolize and make much better use of the protein you’re feeding it, ultimately resulting in quicker recovery enabling you to train your muscle groups more frequently than you otherwise would have, without it.
4 pills puts me at the highest clinically recommended dosage being 100mg/day.

Feeling full! My @strongliftwear tank probably has something to do with it 🤫

Anyone else feel like their lower back is going to explode after some hard sets of back extensions? Or is that just me hate relationship with this exercise ❤️💔

Dieting is always so much easier when you plan ahead. It makes it much easier to avoid any temptations you may run into if your food is already prepared ✅ @protrainf3 has me covered there!! Big thanks to them for making these last few weeks of my prep more enjoyable and tasty than ever 💪🏼

Always fitted! I love all my menswear by @fathersons_ 🙌🏼

Just started doing this Variation of a High Row for upper back.
Place the pivot point of the cable at its highest point attach TWO flexible handles to one clip and get to work! 👊🏼
Started doing this particular variation 1-2 months ago and it provides a great stretch with a good contraction 💯

What do you see that needs improvement?...I can spot a few! 😬

Still continuing to take my @1upnutrition Pure Rebuild (multi-sourced Creatine) all the way through my show!! This will help me to retain as much water within the muscle as possible while having no negative effects in terms of watery appearance or bloating!
I’d highly recommend taking Creatine while cutting for both strength preservation purposes and appearance 👍🏼

Better than ever!
Favorite tank by @strongliftwear 🙌🏼

I haven’t been drinking whey protein shakes post workout for about a year now. Instead I only drink @1upnutrition Vegan Protein 💪🏼 I’m not a vegan but you should give it a try!

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